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FED Crackdown on Recreational Pot Imminent

As the nation adjusts to a new political regime, the cannabis industry is taking a collective breath.

Over the last few years, recreational cannabis laws initially started ... Read More »


Jeff Sessions Just Kicked Off The Next War On Drugs

Jeff Sessions continues to be completely backwards when it comes to cannabis policy.

“I realize this may be an unfashionable belief in a time of growing to... Read More »


Trump Administration to Enforce Federal Laws on Recreational Marijuana

In an interview on Thursday, Sean Spicer confirms fears that the White House may be cracking down on the Recreational Cannabis market.

“I do believe you will see greater enforcement o... Read More »


Jeff Sessions Forgets That He Supported Death Penalty For Cannabis Pushers

Jeff Sessions seems to have forgotten that he promoted state bills, while Alabama’s Attorney General, to establish mandatory death sentences for second drug trafficking offenses, including th... Read More »


CBD: DEA Addition to Schedule 1 Narcotics

The United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) made an announcement on Wednesday that it amended the Schedule 1 Controlled Substances Act to include tighter regulations for marijuana extra... Read More »


Another Marijuana Opponent Added to Trumps Cabinet

Tom Price has been named as President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for Health and Human Services Secretary. Why is this an issue? Because Tom Price is one of the most consistent anti-marijuana m... Read More »


Vermont Governor Gives Pardons for Small Amounts of Cannabis

In Vermont, outgoing Governer Peter Shumlin is giving out pardons to residents convicted of possessing small amounts of cannabis. 

Residents who have been convicted of small amounts ca... Read More »