High Tea at Salon Appetit

Salon Appetit is pleased to present a non-traditional tea time featuring artwork by Chicago artist Caroline Liu. Please join us for High Tea on Saturday March 23rd from 2:30pm to 7:00pmWe advise you to come early as to enjoy the spread to the fullest. We will be serving reimagined classic teas and baked goods. All of which will be served witheither CBD or THC, or both! It’s a buffet / choose your own adventure style event. Caroline Liu will have large-scale paintings on view, as well as an exclusive never before seeninteractive installation. The artist is also generously giving away a special gift to each personwho attends. Portions of the ticket sales will be donated to the artist’s favorite charity, The Arts of Life. Thisorganization helps to facilitate arts practices for artists with intellectual and developmentaldisabilities. ------- Salon Appetit is a space for artisans, creatives, and the curious to connect, create a sense ofcommunity, and revel in life’s pleasures together. We foster a space that allows variousexperiences in the arts, music, and food that welcome dialogue, knowledge, and togetherness. Caroline Liu is a multi-dimensional artist who creates work that visually navigate the innerworkings of her concussed mind. Her work is a therapeutic practice for holding onto memoriesshe’d otherwise forget, as well as a vehicle for self-exploration and documentation of hereveryday struggles as a person with memory loss. By focusing on personal narratives thathighlight and camouflage the many facets of her identity, Liu is able to touch on themes ofvulnerability and loss. Her work divulges into illusory moments of nostalgia, respite, and sorrow.

Event Details

7:30 PM on March 23, 2019

12:00 AM on March 24, 2019


Salon Appetit
1462 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL