Budtender Battle Royale (Round 1)

Budtender Battle Royale is an interactive event for dispensaries and patients to spread their knowledge and engage with the community. www.budtenderbattleroyale.com This event holds 2 competitions, One: Two teams of Five from Cannabis organizations will compete head to head in contests of whit and skill.  Two: Individual Patients & Industry Professionals compete in a single elimination challenge. Questions and topics for both competitions will change monthly and originate from the community focussing on the plant and regulations, but can include anything Cannabis related. Each month will also include a skills test where teams will be asked to complete a task (such as rolling joints) in the least amount of time and with the best result. Put your Cannabis knowledge to the test! Doors: 4:00 Event: 4:20 Event is a separate entity from the location being used. MMJ card holders only may be allowed into the event. Cards will be checked upon entering with registration. NO THC sales allowed on premises. This will be a fun and educational interactive event for cannabis industry and cannabis patients. Uniting for the greater good of the community.

Event Details

11:00 PM on August 17, 2019

04:30 AM on August 18, 2019


3123 East Thomas Road
Phoenix, AZ