Cacao Ceremony & Ecstatic Dance

Retreat into a blissful state of you. Let the mystic power of cacao pearce you to your hearts core. PURE LOVE.Sitting with Cacao has been held in ceremony for over 5000 years by native tribes in South America. The relaxing yet awakening affects from the anandamide aka the Bliss molecule (ananda in sanskrit = Bliss ). naturally we are already drawn to the blissful ways of chocolate when we are stressed or down. This Cacao is held in ceremony as medicine and invites the heart to open and for your love to expand throughout your entire body. A specially curated Ecstatic Dance will follow the cacao ceremony Cacao contains anandamide, a neurotransmitter produced in the brain that binds to the THC receptors. It’s also known as the “bliss molecule” (named after “ananda”, the Sanskrit word for “bliss.”) Anandamide is considered an endocannabinoid — a substance produced in the body that binds to cannabinoid receptors. It’s only so natural that we crave chocolate when we’re feeling stress or imbalance physically and emotionally. Fun fact: pure chocolate produces a similar endocannabinoid receptor-stimulating effect on your body as CBD oil. CACAO ON A METAPHYSICAL LEVELUsed ceremonially for at least 5,000 thousand years by a number of South American groups, on a metaphysical level cacao serves as a tool for connecting to the energetic space of your heart, as well as to people around you. After the Cacao Ceremony, we dance! Ecstatic Dance to be exact! Allow yourself to move with an inner freedom guiding you. Connect to your true self and break free of any judgement or fear holding you back! Be surrounded by loving souls all doing the same. Complete the cycle with a Guided Meditation to allow to come home to yourself; loving and accepting all of you.  - Follow Your BlissAshlyn ZamoraOwner www.blissbooch.com512-731-9351 Hosted at The Healing House LLC.  Megan Amigo (owner)

Event Details

11:00 PM on July 14, 2019

02:00 AM on July 15, 2019


7720 Pine Oaks Ln
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Colorado Springs, CO