Copy of Benefits of Hemp and an Introduction to Reiki

Guest speaker:  Kendra Jeffress, Activist for Cannabis Legalization and local business owner of LadybugsMedibles, LLC.As Director of the North Carolina Patients Network, supporting our mission of providingeducation and enhancing awareness of the public need for safe and legal access for therapeuticreasons.Many state have passed full medical cannabis bills giving allowance to its patients thecomplete access to cannabinoid therapies. Prevention of access to the entire plant, leaves avast majority of sufferers without complete relief. Having the benefits of CBD, THC and manyother nutrients provided by Cannabis creates a synergistic effect that encourages our bodiesnatural healing system, the Endocannabinoid system helping to promote homeostasis in ournutrient deficient bodies. My hope is that North Carolina adapts a broader Medical Cannabis billoffering its patients the full spectrum benefits of Cannabis as a medicinal plant.Suffering from Crohns’ disease and my daughter having a rare intractable epilepsy, promptedmy growth of knowledge in Ayurvedic Medicine. Genesis 1:29, God said,”Look, I have given youall the plants that have grain for seed. And I have given you all the trees whose fruits haveseeds in them. They will be food for you.” With this I established Ladybugs Medibles. LadybugsMedibles provides Palliative Nutrition including Hemp. Your body must eat to survive. My giftfrom this creation, sharing my passion of creating delectable nutrient rich foods. Our goal is toeducate the community at large about the benefits of hemp and other natural food remedies thathave been around for

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10:00 PM on September 12, 2019

12:00 AM on September 13, 2019


3100 N. Davidson St. #103
Charlotte, NC