Lit on Lit - A Cannabis-Inspired Creative Writing Class

Lit on Lit is a cannabis friendly creative writing class where we explore "open form" writing. Open writing is a type of writing that develops organically, and done purely for the sake of it, rather than for a purpose or with an end result in mind. The format is designed to be fun and has a relaxed vibe, but you will receive direction through prompts and exercises to explore. After each exercise, you'll get the opportunity to share if you wish. The curriculum for this ground-breaking cannabis writing class was developed by published authors from Denver's Suspect Press, and has received favorable press by the likes of High Times and Thrillist.  Incorporating cannabis with writing is useful because cannabis induces a state of hyper-priming in your brain which causes you to make a wider variety of associations more easily. THC also increases blood flow in the creative right hemisphere.  From Stephen King to Maya Angelou, writers have used marijuana to bypass the tedious loop of everyday thoughts and unlock an internal world of magic and color. Explore the THC-induced writer within you at Lit on Lit. >Brought to you by Suspect Press, The Coffee Joint, & Marijuasana >The last chance to check out this class will be Saturday, Dec. 7th from 7-8:30pm at The Coffee Joint >BYOC - vape/dabs only (vaping flower is okay)

Event Details

2:00 AM on December 8, 2019


The Coffee Joint
1130 Yuma Court
Denver, CO