CannaSafe Vape Safety Report

In response to recent vaping related illnesses, CannaSafe took a deeper dive into the issue.  The goal is to use this data to educate consumers, regulators, and the media.  CannaSafe performed it’s own testing on vape products purchased from the legal, regulated market, as well as those from the illicit market.  The 104 legal, regulated vape products tested met the label claims of THC% and had no Vitamin E Acetate or pesticides.  Of the 12 illicit vape products tested, 9 contained Vitamin E Acetate and all of them had detectable levels of pesticides. These pesticides included myclobutanil, which can break down into hydrogen cyanide when heated.  Join us on November 20 at 6:30pm to hear Antonio Frazier, CannaSafe VP of Operations, discuss their findings and how we can move forward as an industry to offer safe products that consumers can have confidence in. 

Event Details

2:30 AM on November 21, 2019


Kannabis Works
2106 South Susan Street
Santa Ana, CA