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Mission: Cannafo is excited to be entering the legal marijuana marketplace. We strive to bring top quality products, services, and information to the thousands of cannabis based businesses worldwide. Our goal is to help propel the industry with the best up to date information available. Anything related to the industry including the best resources available will be at the users fingertips for free.

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 Meet The Team

Kelly Martin
Founder / Chief Executive Officer
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Kelly is a motivated entrepreneur who has successfully owned and operated several businesses in his 35 year career. His latest business venture Dakine 420 LLC. A debt free soil and fertilizer company that manufactures and distributes products targeted to cannabis growers nationwide. Started in March of 2014 Dakine 420 is projecting to exceed $700,000.00 in gross sales its first year. The recent sale of Pure Water Distributors, is what is helped fund this project. Started in 2008 PWD had exclusive national distribution rights for distributing Hyundai water filtration systems. His jobs skills are varied with experience in retail, wholesale, distribution, and marketing. Kelly was also a landscape contractor and general contractor licensed and registered with the Landscape Contractors Board and the Construction Contractors board in Oregon.

Kelly has orchestrated, funded, and designed multi million dollar land development projects in Bend Oregon.

Kelly is however, best known for his entrepreneurial skills regarding marijuana. A marijuana grower since the early eighties Kelly has always had a passion for growing, Kelly helped with numerous medical grows from the late 90s to present. He has helped design and consult on several large scale indoor grow operations. Kelly is well versed in all aspects of the marijuana marketplace and shares a true passion for the industry.

Joshua Pardee
Co-Founder / Lead Engineer
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541-216-4211 ext. 0001

Starting at the age of 9 Josh quickly became infatuated with the green screen computer that his parents had in the back room. Starting from just standard programming simple functions like little calculators and math formulas, Josh began to experiment with the computer. As Josh became older, computers became a lot more advanced, by age 13, Joshua had created a website that was also paired with a Windows computer application and created an online game.

Josh had built this game better and better over time and eventually had over 15,000 registered users playing the game online together at any given time, during the AOL days. At age 15, he had then sold this project and moved forward. Over the years, Joshua worked on many major projects and minor projects, from fully object orientated web and smartphone apps to simple company websites.

Some of these Projects Included: StudentsSaver.com, cQpon.com, MoreInk Bend and Albany, updates for The Bend Radio Group, Collaboration into the Elgg Project(an open source social network platform) And Many More Projects. Josh also worked as technical support representative for Apple Inc for many years, supporting all desktop and mobile devices made by Apple.

Joshua Pardee studied at Kaplan University online, Central Oregon Community College for 3 years and worked hand and hand with and at Oregon State University Cascades on the Central Oregon Community College campus. Joshua has an advanced knowledge of Over 14 different programming languages including: Php, Java, JavaScript, Objective C, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Jquery and many more.

Joshua Broady
Director of Business Development
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Joshua has a comprehensive background in business development, strategic planning and sales management. Attending college full time at age 16, he also worked as a software support representative. By 18 he had reorganized both the support team and sales team operational workflows, resulting in a 30% lower support cost and more than doubling profitability. Realizing his passion for developing businesses and increasing profitability, he began working with Paladin Data Corporation.

With flat sales for a decade, Paladin needed a key player to move to the next level. Joshua redesigned the processes and hired new directors for each department, 80% of whom still hold their positions as of this writing. During this time, Joshua co-architected a complete redesign of the company’s flagship point of sale software with Dan Nesmith. Joshua also established a relationship with a fortune 500 company that positioned Paladin as a leader in their market. During his tenure at Paladin, he was instrumental in increasing gross revenues by over 3,000%.

While working at Paladin, Joshua started Summit Technologies, offering business development & IT consulting services for companies across the country. Due to his early success, in 2010 Joshua took a mini-retirement for 5 years to spend time with this two children and travel the world. Joshua is excited to be back doing what he loves, as a part of the Cannafo team, and help take them to the next level.

Tim Duddy
Web Developer
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541-216-4211 ext. 0002

Tim Duddy is a self-taught, experienced web developer who brought his focus on design to our Cannafo platform. Born in Billings, Montana and moving several times during middle school, he landed in Bend, Oregon his freshman year of high school. Around the age of 10, when other kids were playing video games and chatting on AOL, Tim was learning to write programs in Visual Basic and creating websites utilizing nothing but Notepad.

Borderline obsessive, Tim strives on creating pixel perfect web pages while handling our front-end development, assisting with back-end programming and an array of tech related tasks. He honed his skills overtime becoming proficient in PHP and MySQL, however, his real passion lies in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery. When Tim isn't squinting at a computer screen, you can find him traveling, playing golf or disc golf, watching football, or occasionally enjoying a video game.

Jill Byers
Main Office
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Jill Byer is our Office Administrator who is a graduate of Sonoma State University in Northern California. She honed her skillset in many different positions from serving as a Flight Attendant for almost a decade at Northwest Airlines to owning her own cafe for over four years and earning her real estate broker license. Now, Jill helps keep business rolling smoothly here at Cannafo.com, she enjoys the new adventure and looks forward to what the future holds in this new frontier, the ever-expanding Cannabis Industry.

Mark East
[email protected]

"I met Kelly, founder/owner of Cannafo, in Hawaii. He had a Christmas tree lot, and I started helping out. On a trip one year, my girlfriend May and I took a trip to Oregon and fell in love with the place, and decided that we would put some energy into moving there soon. Shortly after that trip, Kelly approached me about working with DaKine 420. The hardest part of the decision to move to Oregon and work at DaKine 420 was my sons. After discussing it with them, they said that they wanted to move with me. Of course, that was the icing on the cake, so we packed up and here we are living in beautiful Central Oregon! Later Kelly created Cannafo and had asked me to work inside sales for Cannafo as well as Dakine 420."

Luisa Benevento
Graphic Designer
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Luisa Benevento has creative experience developing advertising for national and international clients. Born in Brazil, where she attended the Federal University of Marketing and Advertising in Rio de Janeiro state, Luisa excels at print media solutions, branding and advertising. Proficient in Corel Draw, Expression Web, Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, In Design, WordPress.