Q: Is Cannafo.com Free?

A: For the consumer, Cannafo.com is completely free, we also offer free business solutions; However, if you are a business owner, we offer a ton of resources and tools in our premium accounts, Click here to view our premium accounts.

Q: Is my business on Cannafo.com?

A: You will have to search our website to see if your business is already on Cannafo.com, type your business name into the included search to see, if you locate it, you may always claim it for free.

Q: I found my business on Cannafo, but how do I claim my business?

A: Once you have located your listing, click the big red button on the right of your listing that says "Claim this Business" and follow the claim process. If you need help with the claim process we have a claim process tutorial video that will walk you through it.

Q: I did not want my business on Cannafo.com, what do I do?

A: Cannafo.com is a massive resource that does have auto data collection like search engines such as Google or Yahoo, so we dont always control what listings may be pulled into our database, if your business is listed and you dont want it to be, feel free to contact us at 541-316-7080 and we will be happy to remove it.

Q: What if my business is not located on Cannafo.com?

A: No worries, feel free to add it to our listings, click here to do a brand new FREE signup and get it listed.

Q: How do I do a brand new sign up on Cannafo.com?

A: Click on advertisers in the top left corner of Cannafo.com's website, choose your type of business and follow the form process. If you need help with a brand new signup, please watch the brand new signup tutorial video.

Q: How Do I Manage My Dispensary On Cannafo.com?

A: Click on login in the top left corner of Cannafo.com's website, once logged in, select "my Dispensaries", and choose the location you want to manage. Please watch the dispensary control panel tutorial video.

Q: How Do I Place Advertisements On Cannafo.com?

A: Click on login in the top left corner of Cannafo.com's website, select "Banner / Text Ads", then click "Place Ad". please watch the Cannafo ad server tutorial video.

Q: How Do I Become A Seller And Sell Products On Cannafo.com?

A: Click on advertisers in the top left corner of Cannafo.com's website, either login into your advertiser account or create one, click "Cannafo Shopping", go to "My Seller Account", click the "Products" tab and then click on "Add New Product". please watch the Cannafo shopping tutorial video.

Q: Where is Cannafo.com based?

A: Cannafo.com's main headquarters is located in beautiful central Oregon; However, we do business nationwide, click here to learn more about our company.

Q: What features does Cannafo.com have for the general consumer?

A: Cannafo is full of features to keep consumers coming back! We have a full control panel for the consumer that allows them to:
1) Socialize with others on our social platform (Cannafo Social).
2) Shop for anything they may need with our shopping center.
3) Learn anything from our information sections on Cannafo such as growing, strains, and much more.
4) Favorite any page or item within the network to allow easy access back to the item,business or page.
5)Pre-order items from their favorite dispensaries.
6) Get notifications when a users favorite strain has come into town, get notified when their favorite dispensary adds or restocks inventory, or choose to recieve weekly notifications from their favorite dispensary or dispensaries.
7) And tons of other features! to many to list everything here!

Q: Where else can I get connected with Cannafo.com?

A: Cannafo.com has apps for your smart devices, be sure to download the Cannafo.com app to be better connected, we also have social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more so be sure to follow or like us on your favorite social media platform.

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