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Strain of the Week: Granddaddy Purps (GDP)

GDP is one of the most popular strains available today.

Developed by grower Ken Estes of California, Granddaddy Pur... Read More »


Extraction Techniques

Different Types of Extraction Equipment

If you are looking to get the absolute best flavor or highest THC content possible, you are going to need extraction equipment.... Read More »


LEAF - Plug n' Plant

What is the Plug n’ Plant growing system?

The Plug n’ Plant growing system is a fridge sized unit designed to grow one marijuana plant. It is normally capable of producin... Read More »


Is the Marijuana Prohibition Coming to an End?

What would it be like to live in a country where marijuana was no longer considered a federally controlled substance? Well for supporters of marijuana legalization, their long awaited pra... Read More »


Throwback Thursday: Old School Tips


For operating three or more 1000 watt lights, I recommend a 40 amp metal encased timer with breaker box and outlet receptacles. The photo a... Read More »


Best of Both Worlds - Greenhouses

So what is a greenhouse? A greenhouse is a building especially constructed for growing plants under controlled conditions, but with a crystalline ceiling and walls that allow sunlight to ... Read More »


Strain of the Week: Critical Sensi Star

Critical Sensi Star, a smelly and beautiful flower that does its best.

Critical Sensi Star is a strain wit... Read More »


How Cannabis Affects the Mind

How weed affects the adult brain.

There is no scientific proof that marijuana causes permanent damage to the adult brain. However, excessive use has shown a reduction ... Read More »


Cannabis Friendly Mother's Day Gifts

A Marijuana Mother’s Day 

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, time is getting short on finding the perfect way to say “thank-you” to that one-of-a-kind woman. To help... Read More »