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Throwback Thursday : HOW TO BUILD A SMALL GROW-BOX

If you want to efficiently grow a high-quality crop for personal consumption, consider the small grow- box. 5’x5’x5’ is a good size; this would accommodate a 400w 3K halide with 4’ paraboloid refle... Read More »


Strain of the Week: Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie is an indica dominant hybrid.

Cherry pie has several different phenotypes. One of them is a sativa dominant while the others... Read More »


At-A-Glance: 6 Illnesses That Medical Marijuana Has Positively Treated

The use of medical marijuana is becoming an accepted practice in the medical profession. Research has shown that medical cannabis has properties that are beneficial for some medical condi... Read More »


Dave Mendoza: Smuggler, Inmate and International Incident

Have you ever had the feeling you were being watched?

Dave Mendoza felt that way for over a year. After a fender-bender with a US Mail truck in 2006, Dave discovered a tr... Read More »


Strain of the Week: Afghan

Afghan is a blast from the past.

Afghan is an old-school indica strain that produces a nice body buzz that starts from you... Read More »


Will Foster: Sentenced 93 Years for Self Medicating

Many people have probably never heard the name Will Foster before, but his story deserves to be told. Foster is a US Army Veteran and business owner who suffered rheumatoid arthrit... Read More »


Strain of the Week: OG Kush

OG Kush is an earthy hybrid from the 90’s that world fell for.

It was well into the 90s when OG Kush surfaced for the first... Read More »


All Hail The King of Pot

Bruce Perlowin is a controversial figure known as the ‘King of Pot’.

Back in the 1970’s, drug smuggling felt like more of a sport than a serious crime. The thrill of wal... Read More »


VPD for Cannabis Cultivation

In this Growers Spotlight, we interview Chris Vaughn, a lead grower with Higher Minds Horticulture about his experience with VPD control.

Read More »