Haze is a Californian girl that growers and patients keep coming back to.

This strain has a history with many growers because it entered the cannabis scene in the 1960s. It was originally grown in collaboration with the Haze Brothers when they ran a shop until the early 1970s.

Once the brothers decided to disband, the shop stopped selling the seeds. Since then, others have used the name Haze, all of which have come from the original phenotype. The epicenter for the Haze craze is Santa Cruz, California.

The Haze Brothers started with a Colombian/Mexican landrace breed and crossed it with an Indian strain. The offspring was then crossed with a Thai landrace to get to what we now know as Haze. Its multi strain heritage shows in its aroma and looks.

This strain is easy on the eyes, no over the top coloring here. It has calm, dark green leaves, with light green nugs in its coloring. It has soft, tan looking hairs and a generous sprinkling of white tricombs. Rather than its looks, it’s the aroma that catches people’s attention with its very sweet, earthy and citrus flavors. It can also get pretty spicy too depending on the phenotype of the plant.

Haze has been cross-bred with almost everything under the sun.

Growers have found that Haze needs a bit of space when it’s growing and blooming. This means is best cultivated in the outdoors rather than indoors or greenhouse set ups. It is better to let the plant stretch out instead of being cramped in a room, which is true for most plants. Not only is it good for the plant to stretch out, it promtes better circulation through its branches.

Haze can be very tall, which makes growing indoors a problem if its height is not accounted for. But take the time to plan for this plant and the payoff will come. This strain produces low enough yields but great highs. Although this strain is poor for commercial production, the high it produces is very potent.

The time to wait for the flower to bloom presents a challenge for growers too. It has a long harvest time for cannabis, between 12 to 14 weeks. That is at least 98 days for the flowering period. Even though that might be too long for some growers, that hasn’t stopped anyone from crossing this strain with others to get better yield results and harvest time.

Haze is the MVP of quality strains available in the market today.

This strain is categorized as full sativa. It treats patients dealing with stress, chronic pain, and chronic fatigue. It can also work to wake up an appetite and eases symptoms of depression as well. Once the high hits, it hits hard, so users need to be prepared.

For the veterans and more experienced smokers, this strain is right up your alley. Haze provides a high-energy, euphoric and uplifting sensation paired with body tingles that help in calming the user. Aches and pains seem to wash away along with worries. Users report the high provides a new-found burst of energy for the day.

This is a great strain to use to be creative and talkative with friends. Because of its potency and uplifting effects, some users get overstimulated and anxious. A wonderful sativa like this should be enjoyed during the day, but be careful not to overdo it.

As friendly as this strain is, it does come with some baggage to be wary of. The side effects come as the usual dry mouth and itchy eyes after a smoke session. A cup of water and some eye drops can take care of those symptoms with no problem.

Adam Rhodes

An adventure seeking nerd, nothing too serious but people seem to like him, Adam is also the creator and writer for The Strain Domain

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