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Strain of the Week: Tahoe OG

This is a fun and popular strain, but hard to find the original genetics.

With its growth in popularity, people naturally want to get their hands on thi... Read More »


Strain of the Week Highlight: Cinex

Patients and cup judges alike regard this strain as a true contender among giants.

Cinex, can be difficult obtain in seed for... Read More »


Strain of the Week Highlight: Pineapple Kush

This is strain was originally bred in California.

Clones of Pineapple Kush are hard to come by but authentic seeds are even harder to find; yet it remains in high dema... Read More »


Strain of the Week Highlight: Grape Ape

How it looks

There are two variants of this indica-dominant strain. The first is a deep, dark purple flower with a nice fluff of hairs and a sprinkle of... Read More »


Strain of the Week: Sour Diesel

A popular strain for the masses, but no one can agree where it came from.

Sour Diesel is an energizing sativa strain with a hazy past. Sometimes known as Sour D, this str... Read More »


2018 Marijuana Legalization Guide

2018 is ready to bloom

2017 was an amazing year for cannabis reform. But next year is shaping up to be an even bigger deal for reform. Some experts believe the legal mari... Read More »


10 Biggest Marijuana Advocacy Groups

There have been many marijuana advocacy groups since the 1970's.

But few have had the impact that the groups on this list have. These warriors have been on the front line... Read More »


Strain of the Week: Cheese

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The Best Marijuana Affiliate Programs

A rising tide lifts all ships.

Affiliate programs are a great way to build valuable relationships in a community. They are also pretty easy to manage once in place. Webma... Read More »