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Seeds and Clones: A Beginners Guide

There is more than one type of marijuana plant.

Cannabis plants reproduce sexually. That means one plant produces pollen while a second produces seeds. The pollen produci... Read More »


GMO Cannabis

Cannabis was one of the first crops humans genetically modified.

In ancient times, farmers had to spend generations nudging plants in a specific direction. Cannabis sativa ... Read More »


Types of Indoor Growing (Without Soil)


Aeroponics is a plant-cultivation technique in which the roots hang suspended in the air while nutrient solution is delivered to them in the form of a fine ... Read More »


How to Diagnose Copper Deficiency in your Plants

Copper Deficiency

Problem: A cannabis copper deficiency appears with leaf symptoms such as dark leaves that take on blue or even purple undertones. The tips and edges ... Read More »


Outdoor Growing the Right Way

Now is last chance to start outdoor growing this year.

We are now in May, and it's the time to take those last little cannabis sprouts and plant them outside. But do you know how to grow ... Read More »


Extraction Techniques

Different Types of Extraction Equipment

If you are looking to get the absolute best flavor or highest THC content possible, you are going to need extraction equipment.... Read More »


Best of Both Worlds - Greenhouses

So what is a greenhouse? A greenhouse is a building especially constructed for growing plants under controlled conditions, but with a crystalline ceiling and walls that allow sunlight to ... Read More »


Maintaining and Caring for your Outdoor Grow

Care and Maintenance

What are the most important factors in the care and maintenance of your outdoor crop? They include the need to effectively stake, prune, provide p... Read More »


How to Grow Outdoors

Growing marijuana outdoors can be quite the risk, but it can also be quite the reward. We will be covering three major factors for outdoor growing: climate, sun, and planting; as well as ... Read More »