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Best of Both Worlds - Greenhouses

So what is a greenhouse? A greenhouse is a building especially constructed for growing plants under controlled conditions, but with a crystalline ceiling and walls that allow sunlight to ... Read More »


Maintaining and Caring for your Outdoor Grow

Care and Maintenance

What are the most important factors in the care and maintenance of your outdoor crop? They include the need to effectively stake, prune, provide p... Read More »


How to Grow Outdoors

Growing marijuana outdoors can be quite the risk, but it can also be quite the reward. We will be covering three major factors for outdoor growing: climate, sun, and planting; as well as ... Read More »


The Ins and Outs of Indoor Growing

Growing indoors and simulating natural sunlight can get tricky! CannaFo is ready to help, with resources covering the many different ways to grow inside from cloning to sexing, we’v... Read More »


Treating Common Cannabis Pests

Being a grower there are many things you have to worry about. 

Lights, soil, room or area of grow, and of course, critters. If you want to combat t... Read More »


Overview on Growing

There is more to creating great cannabis than dropping some seeds in the ground and waiting a few months. While cannabis is hardy enough to grow in diverse climates and growing conditions, getting ... Read More »


Deep Water Culture: Going with the Flow

What exactly is Deep Water Culture?

Deep Water Culture (DWC) is a type of hydroponic method of plant production where the plant’s roots are suspended in a s... Read More »


MedMen - Los Angeles, California

About Damian and MedMen

I got my start in the cannabis industry by consulting for several of Canada’s largest LPs (Limited Partnerships). I currently manage cultivation operations f... Read More »


Light and How Cannabis Consumes It

Plants evolved to live off of sunlight.

During the early days of our planet, plants dominated. Not plants like the orchids and redwoods we are have today though. No, early ... Read More »