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Vermont Officially Legalizes Cannabis

It is official. Vermont is the latest state to sign marijuana legalization into law! Vermont becomes the 9th state to do so and the first state to end prohibition through state legislatu... Read More »


States Voice Disapproval of Sessions' Cannabis Memo

"We will not be bullied by an administration that seems obsessed with dismantling things that are actually working," - Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan.

On Thursday, Jeff Sessions reversed an Oba... Read More »


Sessions Ends Policy That Let Legal Pot Flourish

Jeff Sessions is rescinding a policy that allowed legalized marijuana to flourish in states across the country. Sessions plans to let federal prosecutors  enforce federal marijuana laws as aggressi... Read More »


New Jersey Likely to Elect a Governor Determined to Legalize Marijuana


All eyes are on the New Jersey Governor's race, as it could likely decide whether New Jersey will become the 9th state to legalize cannabis for recreational use. Democrat Phil ... Read More »


Opioid Related Deaths Drop 6% in Colorado

More studies conclude cannabis is a safe alternative to opioids.

The opioid epidemic has destroyed communities across the US for almost 15 years now, but that tr... Read More »


Senator Hatch Introduces Pun Filled Press Release to Introduce Medical Marijuana Research Bill

It's not what you would expect from an 83-year-old Mormon! This news release from Senator Orrin Hatch is filled with cannabis puns like “It’s high time to address research into medical marijuana." ... Read More »


Teen marijuana use falls to 20-year low, defying legalization opponents’ predictions

The last time Marijuana use among teens was this low... 1994.

Starting in 2016 with the legalization of cannabis in Washington and Oregon, rates of marijuana among the nations 12 to 17 year... Read More »


Vote Protecting Medical Marijuana States Blocked by House GOP

This past Wednesday, several lawmakers met to decide if the House should vote on an amendment that would prevent the Justice Department from pursuing states that have legalized medical marijuana. T... Read More »


Mexico Legalizes Medical Cannabis

Yesterday, 6/19/2017, Mexico officially legalized medical cannabis across the entire country. A bill was submitted in December of last year and received overwhelming support from Mexico's senate an... Read More »