Jeff Sessions is rescinding a policy that allowed legalized marijuana to flourish in states across the country. Sessions plans to let federal prosecutors  enforce federal marijuana laws as aggressively as they see fit. 

It is unclear at this point what president Trump's stance is on all of this, but given his history with Sessions, we can expect him to let his Attorney General do as he pleases. Sessions has long been an anti-cannabis proponent and has gone as far as to compare cannabis with heroin - blaming the plant for spikes in violence. 

The majority of Americans would disagree with Sessions and would like to see the plant decentralized, which makes one question the true motives of the Attorney General. There have been reports that Sessions is a share holder of private prison stocks and this is the reason he wants to go after cannabis users. You may remember that Sessions, last year, told federal prosecutors to pursue the most serious charges possible against low level drug offenders, filling up more private prisons. 


Bryce Sampson

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