"We will not be bullied by an administration that seems obsessed with dismantling things that are actually working," - Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan.

On Thursday, Jeff Sessions reversed an Obama-era policy that kept federal prosecutors from interfering with state cannabis policies. This has received an immediate response from states that have had legal cannabis on the books for years now. In Colorado, US attorney Bob Troyer has stated that his office will not change it's approach, despite what Jeff Sessions' memo. Colorado's Republican Sen. has threatened to block the President's DOJ nominations if Sessions does not back down. 

In Oregon, the Attorney General, Ellen Rosenblum tweeted, "This is an industry that Oregonians have chosen - and one I will do everything within my legal authority to protect."

Billy J. Williams, Oregon's US Attorney also released a statement:

"We will continue working with our federal, state, local and tribal law enforcement partners to pursue shared public safety objectives," he said, "with an emphasis on stemming the overproduction of marijuana and the diversion of marijuana out of state, dismantling criminal organizations and thwarting violent crime in our communities.”

President Trump promised during his campaign that he would not interfere with state cannabis laws. It leads us to wonder if Jeff Sessions acted alone on this memo or if the President was ever consulted about this. 

Whatever the case, Jeff Sessions is in for a long battle. 

We end this article with a statement from Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden. 

"Opening the door to go after legal marijuana businesses ignores the will of the majority of Americans and marks yet another socially unjust and economically backward scheme from this administration..." - Ron Wyden

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