Legalization Articles


Is the Marijuana Prohibition Coming to an End?

What would it be like to live in a country where marijuana was no longer considered a federally controlled substance? Well for supporters of marijuana legalization, their long awaited pra... Read More »


Texas Attempts to Puff but Doesn't Pass

Although Thursday night killed proposed marijuana bills, House Bill 81, House Bill 2107 and House Bill 3587, it was still a step forward as the last time marijuana penalties were reconsid... Read More »


Legal to Smoke but Where?

2017 has welcomed California, Massachusetts, Maine and Nevada to the recreational cannabis fold. Read More »


Texas - First Steps in Decriminalizing Marijuana

Harris county is the first county in Texas to put marijuana offenders in a drug education program instead of behind bars. Effective March 1, offenders with 4 ounces or less of marijuana ... Read More »


Drafting the ‘Greenprints’: Global Progress in Nationalization Efforts for Nonmedical Marijuana

Current Events Update:

Will the United States ever legalize recreational marijuana? The answer is ever more complex.

As cannabis advocates begin to think about cast... Read More »


Concentrates Becoming a Major Market

Concentrates are becoming a major player in the cannabis industry.

When people refer to a concentrate, they could be referring to a wax that is vaporize... Read More »


Trump Administration To Do Away With Recreational Marijuana

It turns out that the nominee for US Attorney General - Alabama Congressmen Jeff Sessions - could in fact be plotting to change the way that the federal government approaches states with legalized ... Read More »


Coming War on Legal Marijuana Jeff Sessions

There’s little to stop the attorney general nominee from ignoring the will of millions of pro-pot voters.

On Decision Day, eight states voted to in favor of recreational or medical ca... Read More »