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New Developments in Cannabis Tech Tools

As the cannabis market expands, the number of people needing tech grows.

Every dispensary needs point of sale (POS) software and inventory tracking software that complies ... Read More »


LEAF - Plug n' Plant

What is the Plug n’ Plant growing system?

The Plug n’ Plant growing system is a fridge sized unit designed to grow one marijuana plant. It is normally capable of prod... Read More »


Security in the Cannabis Space

Securing Your Physical Business

In this Growers Spotlight, we lock our doors and check our security cameras with Todd Kleperis from Read More »


Yofumo Changing the Way Cannabis Tastes

Have you ever wanted to smoke Lemon Haze that had a hint of lavender but it didn’t exist? Or how about a grape-y Read More »


Getting to Know: Bongs

What is a Bong?

A bong, also known as a water pipe, is a cylindrical smoking tube traditionally made of glass, bamboo, plastic or wood. Derived from the Thai word... Read More »


Comprehensive Data

To those of you just joining us, we have a whole host of products and services you might not be familiar with. We are constantly improving our site and resources in an effort to offer the best reso... Read More »


The Directory

Welcome Back to another newsletter! We talked about our new Pre-Order system a couple weeks ago and told you about how it is revolutionizing the dispensary experience. The positive response from th... Read More »



CannaFo has just made buying marijuana virtually as easy as buying pizza. Its new Pre-Order option allows cannabis consumers to skip the lengthy lines often associated with dispensaries.
&nbs... Read More »


Cannafo Connect

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to Connect, Buy, and Sell all in one website?

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