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Seniors Join the Reefer Revolution Responsibly

Seniors have history with cannabis.

Many seniors are resistant to the idea of cannabis as a medicine. This is partly because they lived through the early days of the drug w... Read More »


From Bankrupt to the Marijuana Silicon Valley

Many people have never heard of Adelanto, California although it is only a few short hours north of Los Angeles. Nestled in the desert, Adelanto is home to about 30,000 people, three inca... Read More »


Cannabis Friendly Mother's Day Gifts

A Marijuana Mother’s Day 

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, time is getting short on finding the perfect way to say “thank-you” to that one-of-a-kind woman... Read More »


Solvent Based Extracts

Butane is the most popular solvent used to extract cannabinoids.

It is one of the most dangerous methods as well due to the explosive potential of the solvent. Industrial e... Read More »


Marijuana Reform is Under Attack

Legalization should be good for the whole community.

As more and more states join the Green Rush, cannabis users have lower and lower chances of having the government p... Read More »


Over 11,000 Pounds of Cannabis Sold in Oregon During 3 Month Period

The Cannabis industry in Oregon has had a long struggle with compliance issues, ranging from testing standards to growing practices. This has not slowed the state down one bit! During a three month... Read More »


Great Holiday Recipes!

Tis the season to be jolly, and we have the perfect recipes to make sure you are as jolly as can be! So say good by to any holiday blues with these stress relieving treats! 

... Read More »


Colorado Pot Sales Over $1 Billion Through 2016

Last year, Americas first state to legalize recreational marijuana, just missed the $1 Billion dollar mark for sales of marijuana and related products with $996,184,788 in sales. Now ten months int... Read More »


Cannabis an Aphrodisiac

The evidence that cannabis is a natural aphrodisiac is mounting!

A new study from the Pharmacological Research journal provides evidence to support the claim that cannabis is in f... Read More »