It's that time of year again

The holiday season is upon us again. And that means finding gifts for the important people in your life. But stoners can be really hard to shop for. Stereotypes aside, there are some real challenges to giving a thoughtful and useful gift to a stoner.

Bongs, pipes and dab rigs are expensive, and are normally a very personal choice. Lighters, bluntwraps and hemp-wick are like the ties, gift-cards and socks of the cannabis community. They can be useful but imply that the gift-giver isn't invested.

We have assembled a list of gifts that are thoughtful, helpful and useful on a regular basis. Each will appeal do a different situation but are applicable for any stoner. We tried to ensure a wide range of prices and interests so that budget doesn't hold you back. On the same note, there are some entries that fall into the 'wish list' category (just in case budgets don't matter).

So here is a list of the best ways to show the stoner in your life that you care and appreciate them.

Medicated Edibles

If your loved one is head-over-heels for chocolate, then they will love getting to merge two loves. CBD infused edibles are available at almost any dispensary in the country. In states like Oregon, Washington, and others with legal cannabis, you can even find options with THC baked right in.

Smokebuddy Personal Air Filter

Some people have to keep their smoking on the DL. It might be that they live with disapproving family or that they don't like the smell of burnt weed. Whatever the reason, every stoner has a time when they need to hide the smell of a big bong rip.

Enter the Smokebuddy. This handy device eliminates smells as it filters the hit through an activated charcoal filter. Smoke goes in one end and fresh smelling air comes out the other. It effectively eliminates all odors and particles so the air has no telltale smell.

Giant Bag of Weed Pillow Cover

Every stoner has a big bag of weed on their wish list. Unfortunately, we don't all have thousands of dollars to throw down on a Dragon Ball sized glob of concentrates. But this pillow case allows even people on a tight budget to give the gift of a big bag of weed. It comes in different strain 'flavors' so pick the one the fits them the best.

Magical Butter Machine

This device allows budding cannabis cooks to create professional quality products like infused butter, oil and tinctures. Never deal with stem-filled pot brownies ever again. The easy to follow instructions and simple cleanup make this a must-have for any medible fan with a passion for cooking.

Goldleaf Strain Tasting Journal

Never forget the way weed tasted ever again with this tasting journal. Budtenders and cannabis enthusiasts teamed up to create the perfect way to record the cannabis experience. Complete with guided entry pages and helpful graphics, this 24 page journal is perfect for the cannabis connoisseur or tourist. Systematically record the flavors, effects and experiences of cannabis for science or personal satisfaction.

Cannabis Cookie Cutters

After making medicated butter with the Magical Butter Machine, why not use it to make weed shaped cookies. These marijuana leaf cutter set is perfect for cookies, brownies and jello. Make the perfect munchie that is clearly identified as medicated or just regular cookies, it's your choice!

Gaming Weed Tray

Let's face it, consuming weed is messy. But this kit covers all your bases and can be upgraded over time. The large NES controller tray is perfect for nostalgic joint or blunt rolling. The Gameboy and mini controller lighters will make sure any weed that comes along will go up in smoke. The pokeball grinder will help you catch all the flavor from that sticky icky. And the Warp Pipe storage container means that you will be able to skip right to world eight and reach cloud nine.

Plasma Lighter

Butane lighters are the industry standard when it comes to lighting marijuana on fire. But thanks to advances in battery technology, there is a solvent-free alternative available. This Zippo-sized lighter has a rechargeable battery that can last 500 strikes before needing to be recharged. The device creates a jet of charged particles that generate a plasma out of thin air so you never have to worry about it affecting the flavor.

Cannador Humidifier

All stoners can appreciate the fact that weed can dry out really fast. Containers from dispensaries and the good old plastic baggie do nothing to keep weed fresh. So most stoners try all sorts of ways to keep their weed fresh. Sometimes they even introduce molds or fungi they didn't mean to.

But this classy bit of quality control hardware is all you need to keep that sticky icky at the perfect humidity without introducing contaminants. The storage microenvironment is perfectly designed to preserve terpenes and overall freshness over long periods of time. And it comes in a variety of sizes so it doesn't matter how many strains you smoke, you can still keep them straight.

Rick and Morty Dab Pad

Concentrates are really sticky. But there is one material that it doesn't stick to: silicone. So many stoners who dab end up investing in silicone equipment.

And this dab pad happens to include one of the most popular animated series today. The temperature resistant material means that you can use it to store even hot dab tools without problems while you try to figure out if Rick is Morty.

Storm Trooper Stash Jar

Star Wars is a cultural phenomenon that spans generations. And the franchise is legendary for exploring every conceivable method of merchandising. And with a new installment of the franchise coming out this year, there is no better time to get your Jedi or Sith a fitting gift.

The Storm Trooper Stash Jar is part of a line of nug jars that highlight iconic part of the Star Wars Universe. It has an wonderfully wide opening so even the thickest fingers can reach the last nug. The best place for an eighth of Skywalker OG is in one of these stylish stash jars.

Weed Christmas Tree

Everyone from dispensary owners to users open about their consumption will love this tree. This artificial Christmas tree has cannabis leaves instead of pine needles. Able to be decorated just like a traditional tree, it definitely adds a holiday high. And the seven foot height means that this tree will fill any space.


Growing weed has moved high tech in recent years. Companies everywhere are creating systems that take the learning curve out of growing your own supply. And some companies are adding a new level of sophistication and technical expertise to the equation.

Growbox is a fully self-contained cannabis cultivation system. This gift is perfect for the cannabis lover with limited space but ample desire to grow at home. Built with security in mind, this grow box won't get broken into by nosy roommates, kids or thieves. The only things left are plants and nutrients.

Trim Station

This mobile station is perfect for anyone who regularly trims weed. It keeps the trimming process nice and compact and minimizes the strain that comes from getting down and dirty with fresh flower.

This amazing station holds everything you need to trim pounds of weed in record time. The design includes quality-of-life features like phone and cup holders, compartments for trimmed and untrimmed flower, trim catcher and  ambidextrous workflow support.

5mp Digital Microscope

If the stoner in your life loves to document their experiences, this digital scope will take their passion to the next level. The digital scope connects via USB to any computer or tablet. The scope can even drop the stand to allow hand placement on anything from walls to growing plants.

This scope is small, lightweight, and has a powerful camera that can take clear pictures. And the 20-200x magnification and 8 led lights mean you can see structures as small as individual trichomes. Images can easily be uploaded to social media accounts so everyone can see what you have been smoking on.


Are you going to get the stoner in your life any of these gifts? Did you receive any of them yourself? Let us know what you would have included on the list in the comments below and help a stoner have a merry Christmas!

Adam Rhodes

An adventure seeking nerd, nothing too serious but people seem to like him, Adam is also the creator and writer for The Strain Domain

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