GDP is one of the most popular strains available today.

Developed by grower Ken Estes of California, Granddaddy Purps (GDP) Â was released in 2003 and has taken the world by storm. The flowers are as beautiful as the smoke is potent and can be found in dispensaries and gardens across the nation. It's popularity is helped by the insane yields this plant is capable of.

Bred from Big Bud and Purple UrkleGDP inherited the grape flavoring and purple hue from the Urkle.  The Big Bud contributed massive bud sizes and a shortened growing time. Surprisingly stable genetically, the biggest variation seems to be on the degree of purple coloring. Even low THC samples seem to have potent effects, making it an even better strain for someone to start growing with.

Granddaddy Purple is often compared or mistaken for Grape Ape. This is understandable as they came from the same area and have some of the same genetics in their lineage, specifically Mendocino Purps. But GDP has a sweet and berry smell all its own.

All in all, GDP is an easy plant to grow indoors. 

Growers love GDP most because of the short flowering cycle (only 60 days), the heavy yields and the low canopy height. But it is also fairly robust to pests and disease which makes it even more popular with new growers.

New growers will have to watch for mold and fungus issues though. This is because the dense canopy can trap moisture between leaves that touch each other in the thick canopy. But, with fastidious care and measured thinning, these issues can be wholly avoided.

The low flowering time also helps it perform better in hydroponic setups. Sea of green setups get especially good economy out of GDP. Although suited for indoor operations, GDP can produce pounds of flower per plantm if grown under the right outdoor or greenhouse conditions.


The real draw is the heavy mental and body high.

Where some strains can wind you up, Granddaddy Purps is there to bring you back down. The high comes over you in gentle waves. It starts right behind the eyes and creeps down the spine before flooding out to the rest of the body.

Patients love this true indica with all the couch lock and sleepy eyes that come along with it. Used by the overactive to help chill and let the world catch up. It's also popular with people to stimulate appetite, just don't blame us if you mysteriously run out of snacks.

As the THC and terpenes interact, you can feel the tension in the mind and body melt away. Planning goes right out the window and it feels like your mind is moving in slow motion. GDP doesn't stop any of the mental processing going on. It simply starts slowing it down enough to cause a mental pile-up.

The mental fog that accompanies this strain is slow acting and powerful. Where some strains take seconds to start working, GDP only takes minutes before it steamrolls you. Even strains with low THC levels come with surprisingly heavy effects. This is not a strain to play around heavy machinery on unless it is safely locked behind a screen in Grand Theft Auto.

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