Yesterday, 6/19/2017, Mexico officially legalized medical cannabis across the entire country. A bill was submitted in December of last year and received overwhelming support from Mexico's senate and received similar support yesterday when Mexico's lower house in parliament passed the bill with a 374-7 vote. 

The bill was also publicly endorsed by Mexico's Secretary of Health, Dr. Jose Narro Robles:  “I welcome the adoption of the therapeutic use of cannabis in Mexico.”


It's all celebrations today, but it will still take time to set up the framework for cultivation and distribution. The Health Ministry will be responsible for this in the coming weeks as Mexico moves forward with this historic new bill.

For the time being, only products with one percent THC will be allowed, but this may change as the plant is studied by the Health Ministry. Many people are aware that THC also provides great medical value, but CBD heavy products is a great start to Mexico's medical cannabis program.

To see the Presidential Decree:


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