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At-A-Glance: 6 Illnesses That Medical Marijuana Has Positively Treated

The use of medical marijuana is becoming an accepted practice in the medical profession. Research has shown that medical cannabis has properties that are beneficial for some medical condi... Read More »


Will Foster: Sentenced 93 Years for Self Medicating

Many people have probably never heard the name Will Foster before, but his story deserves to be told. Foster is a US Army Veteran and business owner who suffered rheumatoid arthrit... Read More »


All Hail The King of Pot

Bruce Perlowin is a controversial figure known as the ‘King of Pot’.

Back in the 1970’s, drug smuggling felt like more of a sport than a serious crime. The thrill of wal... Read More »


Mexico Legalizes Medical Cannabis

Yesterday, 6/19/2017, Mexico officially legalized medical cannabis across the entire country. A bill was submitted in December of last year and received overwhelming support from Mexico's senate an... Read More »


Cancer Patient Sues Florida

Joe Redner is suing the Florida Department of Health so that he can grow his own cannabis plants. Redner is a 77-year-old, strip club entrepreneur and is currently fighting stage-4 lung cancer. Red... Read More »