More studies conclude cannabis is a safe alternative to opioids.

The opioid epidemic has destroyed communities across the US for almost 15 years now, but that trend has suddenly changed in Colorado where cannabis is now legal for medicinal and recreational use.

Opioid-related deaths have increased in Colorado since 2000. That trend has come to an end according to a study published in the American Journal of Public Health, that has found a link between the decline in opioid-related deaths and the use of cannabis as an alternative medicine. This study is backed by several others that have been published this last year, including a University of Michigan study that found chronic pain sufferers who used cannabis were able to drop opioid use by 64 percent.



This is contrary to some of the claims made by Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, who seems to be incapable of admitting to the medicinal value of cannabis. It will be a surprise if any of these studies are able to change the archaic point of view of our Attorney General, but is hopeful. 


Bryce Sampson

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