Going through recent clinical research and experiments from several different medical universities, it can be concluded that there are a lot of instances where cannabis can be used to fight against diseases. Accordingly, several states are allowing the legal cultivation of cannabis plants. This clinical cultivation typically takes place indoors and uses horticulture plants which need a lot of scientific lighting to grow. There are many opinions and options when learning about the best LED lights to use. This article we will go through how LED lighting system have brought a revolutionary change to indoor lighting and which system is helpful with photochromatic effects and cost comparative as well.

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If we consider a few tips regarding the proper usages and thus gaining advantages of using LED lights in indoor horticulture we will go through:

  1. Less heating and cooling: LED lamps generate far less heat than HID lamps. Hence you are going through the great advantage of saving your plants from overheating. Especially in summer, you don’t need to enhance any additional cooling gadget to cool down the tubes and the indoor environment. This LED system is less heat generating and less UV emitting so it keeps your environment green.
  2. Closer positioning: LED lamps could be placed closer to the plants since they give off less heat. 400 – 700 solar flare lights could be placed 2 – 3 feet away from the plant body in the vegetative cycle and 1.5 – 2 feet away in blooming cycle. Smaller lamps with 220 – 110 solar capacities could be placed a little closer however not closer than 10 inches. This kind of closer adjustments creates less shading and more intensive photochromatic effect on plant bodies to grow these fast.
  3. Right Spectrum: LED lighting system gives you the optimum choice of using the right spectrum to be used at different stages of the growth. Blue, white, red and far-red colored lights can change and make faster positive effect in different stages of growth cycle. As we know reddish spectrums are more helpful in flowering cycles whereas the blue and white ones can accelerate vegetative cycles. Moreover, LED spectrum shades are not white light passing through colored covers. LEDs create colored spectrum from the source. Meaning, a red LED light emits red spectrum or red light without any colored cover. So you can make your own color arrangements of lights using LEDs to control the growth cycles of your plants in your own way.

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  1. More intensive techniques: Newer techniques are made to be available with LED lighting system that creates more scientific topping and pruning to maximize exposure and off course minimize shading. Sea of Green (SOG) and Screen of Green (SCROG) are such techniques that have been invented with LED lights to boost up indoor horticulture and maximize the production of cannabis. There have been many reports that such lighting technologies can make a faster vegetative and blooming cycles to the plants for a fast and huge harvesting.
  2. Reducing watering: Because LED lamps create less heat than HID lamps it results in less evaporating from the soil. As a result, if you are switching over to LEDs from HIDs you must be aware of the amount of watering you are doing. High irrigation in LED environment may cause the deposition of excess water at the root and rotting. Thus, LED could save you time and money for indoor irrigation horticulture of cannabis.

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  1. Reducing Nutrients: Due to the lower heating properties of LED lights, it lowers the temperature and water movement, so the plants consume their food quicker. Hence, you also have to be careful to reduce fertilizers so that over nutrient chemical reactions may not cause any harm to the plants. It has been observed, a spontaneous LED lighting can save the usages of nutrients up to 30% and the cost as well. In a nutshell, use LED lamps not only to save electricity but also to cut down your cost and time after irrigation and fertilization.
  2. Far less costing: The use of LED lamps instead of HIDs is very economical. It creates less heating and produces more glows for far less watt usage. Thus it helps a huge reduction in consumption of electricity and a massive savings in electricity bills at the end. As it can grow higher using fewer energy you can use as many as possible to make more scientific lighting arrangements for your indoor cannabis cultivation rather than paying less.

As stated before you can read 101growlight blogs for more information, however, we have tried to summarize the whole scenario to provide you with the maximum information necessary in a single column. We can conclude that LED lighting is the best possible lighting arrangement for your indoor horticulture of cannabis. This could save you money, time and energy by reducing electricity, irrigation, and nutrients consumptions and could enhance the growth of your plants and produce more in less time by using its eminent florescence ability and original spectrum qualities. The lighting system which could save you money but increase the growth of your cultivation is going to be the only future of lighting system of indoor cannabis production.

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Tran Huy has been involved with gardening for the past 6 years. With in-depth knowledge, he is pursuing his career as a Professional Gardener. He believes in sharing knowledge and enlightening those who are new to gardening which has influenced him to become a professional blogger in this field.

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