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Strain of the Week: 9 Pound Hammer

9 Pound Hammer

9 Pound Hammer is an indica-dominant hybrid (80% indica). It is made from a cross between Goo Berry X Hells OG X Jac... Read More »


Cannabis Tech Investments Reach Record High

2017 was a banner year for marijuana investments.

The legal cannabis market is currently estimated to be worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $8 billion. Experts at Arc... Read More »


10 Cities that Consume the Most Cannabis

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Strain of the Week: Jack Skellington

Jack Skellington

Jack Skellington is a sativa dominant hybrid. Its ratio is generally 30% indica and 70% sativa.... Read More »


Strain of the Week - Presented by Dakine 420

Strain Reviews with the Mad Scientist at Dakine 420! Today we cover GG#4, an amazing strain that has been highly sought after by medical patients all over. Enjoy!

Gorilla Glue #4 is... Read More »


Strain of the Week: Jilly Bean

Jilly Bean

Jilly Bean (or Jillybean) is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a ratio of 60/40. The high starts immediately af... Read More »


Marijuana Outlaws: Eddy Lepp

What happens when you grow more pot plants than anyone else?

Eddy Lepp found out when the Read More »


The Realities of CBD

CBD is relatively new

California is scheduled to start selling recreational marijuana in J... Read More »


Strain of the Week: Ewok


Ewok is an indica-dominant hybrid that was named after the adorable Ewok species from Star Wars. This strain was create... Read More »