A Happy Mistake

Golden Goat is a sativa dominant hybrid that was originally created in Topeka, KS. This strain is a happy mistake because it was accidentally pollinated. The grower, Mr. Dank, did not mean for the strains Hawaiian Romulan and Island Sweet Skunk to pollinate. But when they did cross, the end result was an amazing strain called Golden Goat.

Two different companies entered their own version of Golden Goat for the 2016 Michigan Medical Cannabis Cup. Golden Goat was entered under the category for best sativa flower and won. It won 2nd place prize for the MichOrganics company. And 3rd place prize for the Arborside company.

Golden Goat is a long-lasting strain that has great bag appeal. The THC levels are high and the effects can be felt throughout the body. Along with its sweet scent and taste, it’s no wonder that Golden Goat is highly sought after. “The happiest high that I have ever had. Great balance between head and body... DO NOT DRIVE.” Says wfdd, a Golden Goat enthusiast.

How to Grow Golden Goat

Unfortunately, Golden Goat is a clone-only strain. It’s not too difficult to grow but it does require a little TLC. It will do well with moderate amounts of fertilizer and lots of room to grow. It will grow as a tall plant but can be trained as a multi-branched plant and/or sea of green method.

Golden Goat will flower within 67-77 days, by late October. The yields are not very high but not too low. It likes warm temperatures, preferably about 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. When growing outdoors, professional cultivators recommend putting the plant in large pots. When growing indoors, be sure to give your plant plenty of space.

Make sure to not overfeed the Golden Goat, moderate feeding should be enough. To maximize the amount of buds, place the flower under cooler temperatures by the end of the growing season. The roots will require plenty of oxygen by the end of the growing season as well.

The Everlasting High

Golden Goat is better for morning sessions. But it’s a strong sativa, which makes it harder to focus on errands or tasks. After toking a few puffs of Golden Goat, the high will last for more than a couple of hours.

Medical and recreational consumers feel happy, uplifted, euphoric, relaxed and energetic. A few consumers have reported that it is a useful aphrodisiac.

Medical consumers like the way it helps them cope with symptoms of stress, depression, pain, fatigue and lack of appetite. It also helps relieve serious symptoms of ADD/ADHD, anxiety, arthritis, migraines and PTSD.

A Few Negative Effects

There are a few negative effects associated with Golden Goat. The most common complaint is dry mouth. The cure is easy, have water or a tasty beverage nearby and that’ll keep your mouth hydrated.

The second most common complaint is dry eyes. But using clear eyes for the pie eyed is the best remedy. Just don’t forget to grab it and keep it handy before you start toking.

A few other consumers have reported feeling paranoid, anxious and dizzy. Golden Goat is a strong sativa with long lasting effects. Novice and experienced smokers should take a couple of puffs and waiting a few minutes. It would be such a waste to smoke an entire bowl just to have negative symptoms that lasts for hours.

How it Tastes and Smells

Golden Goat was named after the Golden Goat Recycling machines. In the middle of a hot summer, those machines created a strong, hot, soda syrup smell. People usually report that Golden Goat smells of sweet and sour tropical fruits, like hot pungent citrus and mangos.

The taste is similar to its smell, but with a strange hint of mint. Imagine eating pungent fruit while someone lite incense right next to your face. On inhale, you’ll taste the fruit and on exhale you’ll taste the perfume.

Golden Goat is a strain to hunt for. It has strong effects that lasts for hours and it does a great job of relieving serious ailments. With THC levels of over 25%, its not wonder everyone is looking for the Golden Goat this fall.

Have you tried Golden Goat? What was your experience like? Does this strain knock your socks off or send you to the moon? For those who have grown Golden Goat, was it difficult or easy to cultivate? How large did the plant grow for you? Let us know in the comments down below.

Adam Rhodes

An adventure seeking nerd, nothing too serious but people seem to like him, Adam is also the creator and writer for The Strain Domain

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