People from all over want this strain and its many colors.

Multiple strains from all over the word contributed to the creation of Blueberry. A man by the name of DJ Short mixed landrace strains in the 70s. He brought the best strains available like Afghani Indica, Thai, and Purple Thai (sativa) together. That genetic melting pot resulted in the indica-dominant strain called Blueberry. Other strains came about from this combination as well, such as Flo and Blue Velvet to name a few siblings. Those who have seen this strain in person know how beautiful it really is. 

Blueberry has a vibrant flower with red and purple colors in the first stages of growth. Once the strain nears the end of the flowering process, the coloring becomes more vibrant. The strain’s aroma does not disappoint either. It carries an earthy and vanilla scent that pairs well with its fruity aromas. Aromas and tastes vary slightly due to genetic instability but can include its namesake blueberries.

People from all over the world really look up to this strain for many of its attributes, aroma, effects, traits, etc. People looking for this strain would be happy to know that it is available in clone and seeds form. This strain has contributed to other popular strains such as Blue Haven, Purple Passion and even Blue Moonshine. It impressed the judges at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2000 enough to earn the title of Best Indica.

Awards aside, there is a whole process before the bud can be enjoyed.

First off, Blueberry can handle indoors the same as growing outdoors. The natural cold resistance that contributes to its color protects flowering plants in cooler environments. Indoor growing lets the plant grow bushy and keeps its height under 3.5 feet. Outdoors, the plant needs somewhat humid weather and ideal daytime temperatures range from 72-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

After all is said and done, the grower is left with a nice reward. Blueberry plants produce about 1.5 ounces per square ft. on average when grown indoors. Growers can expect the same yield when growing outdoors as well.

Commercial growers can appreciate the fast flowering cycle of this strain. The flowering time happens at about 7-9 weeks or 49-63 days when grown indoors. Outside grow operations can expect to harvest during the middle of October. After harvest and curing, this strain shows what the extra effort and low yield are worth.

Blueberry is a medical patients pathway to slumber.

This strain produces mostly a happy and lethargic type of high. This strain is great for medical patients at about 80% indica dominant. Known as creeper weed, the high has a slow onset at around 10 to 20 minutes after inhale.

The slow roll makes it easy for recreational users to consume more than necessary because they assume it is simply weak. Once it does trigger though, get ready to feel numb, it can relax the body for a long lasting euphoric high.

This strain is best used for its ability to ease any type of body pains which includes headaches, cramps, and in more extreme cases like Fibromyalgia. Along with easing pain, it is even used as a stress reliever and a mood booster for ailments like ADD, ADHD and depression. It can even help users fall asleep much easier at night. It will soon give way to having the user feel uplifted, with other sensations that include feeling a bit sedated and feeling a little bit hungry.

As with all good things, they must also come with side effects. This strain, when taken in excess, can trigger bouts of dizziness and even paranoia with some users. Other symptoms users might have with Blueberry are dry eyes and a dry cotton mouth. Users should just keep a water bottle and a good friend nearby and everything will be fine. Due to its relaxing nature, it is best to use this strain during the evening hours after a long day out.

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