Girl Scout Cookies is one of the strongest hybrids in the market.

Girls Scout Cookies (GSC) is an indica dominant hybrid (60/40 blend). GSC has won several cannabis cup awards and is one of the most potent cannabis strains available today. Even without a seasoned hand, the plant produces a high enough yield to keep cultivators coming back. The sweat and earthy flavor profile (along with the high THC levels) keeps the clients requesting this beauty.

Originally produced by the Cookie Fam as a clone-only strain, several other farms have cross-bred Durban Poison and OG Kush and called the product GSC. Other varieties exist including at least one with Cherry Kush genetics mixed in. Today, GSC can be found as a clone or seed. The different varieties are known as cuts and the most common variants are the Berner Cut and the Forum Cut.

Because of how marijuana genetics work, there are three main phenotypes or expressions of GSC. One phenotype is a short indica dominant GSC. The second and third phenotypes are tall but are very different. The secondary phenotype is tall, indica dominant, and slow growing. While the third phenotype is faster growing but sativa dominant.

GSC leaves consumers feeling euphoric and happy.

This flower also provides users with a powerful couch-locking sensation. The uplifting mental high and relaxing physical experience highlight this strains broad spectrum of appeal. GSC can make new users feel paranoid when over-consumed. Some users also report headaches when consuming large quantities of Girl Scout Cookies.

Besides being potent, GSC is a long-lasting strain. Users report feeling high hours after smoking a moderate amount. This makes it ideal for patients who want longer times between dosing. But people have to stay aware of when they consume this potent flower.

It is recommended that GSC be taken in the evening or during times when all tasks are accomplished for the day. Also, have a bag of chips or a healthy snack handy, as GSC gives users a strong case of the munchies. Cotton mouth is also a common side-effect so maintaining hydration with water is recommended.

Girls Scout Cookies is a west coast favorite. 

Girl Scout Cookies is so famous it’s easy to find youtube reviews. Rappers like Wiz Khalifa and Berner have videos talking about GSC and where it fits in the community. A fun video to watch on GSC is by the customgrow420 channel. Host Jolie Olie shows off the bud structure, breaks it apart and zooms in for the money shot.

Jolie judges and explains the manicure, trichomes, how dense it feels, conducts a taste test, and more. He also takes several hits off different smoking devices to show how the flavor shifts. After smoking countless samples and recording hundreds of videos reviewing cannabis, Jolie Olie gets "a great buzz" the first hit.

Nemo Hoes, played by Snoop Dogg, on GGN News mentions Girl Scout Cookies as one of his top favorite stains. He also mentions that there are too many fake GSC strains out there. The feeling is shared across a wide spectrum of the community. Some claim that GSC is so mass produced, everyone is claiming they’ve grown GSC.

GSC’s has many medicinal uses.

Girl Scout Cookies is perfect for consumers struggling with loss of appetite, pain and/or nausea. Patients report that GSC is great for treating anxiety, stress and depression. Medical patients with conditions such as ADD/ADHD, bipolar disorder, chronic pain and insomnia find GSC treats many of their symptoms. GSC is a happy feeling weed that gives a sense of immense relaxation and pleasantness.

Artists and handy-people everywhere find small doses of GSC helpful in their endeavors. The mental stimuli and physical calm help patients feel focused. Higher doses result in a heavy couch-lock feeling that will easily derail any plans.

GSC pretty easy to start growing.

Cultivators interested in growing this hybrid should know that it takes about 67 days to be harvest ready.  Yields are usually high and the plant is disease/pest resistant enough to be grown both in and outdoors. GSC performs slightly better in hydroponic systems so indoor growers tend to like it better.

Regardless of who talks about it, Girl Scout Cookies is one of the best strains available today. Commercial growers love the ease and profits it creates while consumers love the uplifting and relaxing high it provides. Few other hybrids offer the complete package that this show-pony from California provides.

Adam Rhodes

An adventure seeking nerd, nothing too serious but people seem to like him, Adam is also the creator and writer for The Strain Domain

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