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BIO: my mgm genetics line is composed of bc's and canadas most used clones, and hoarded respectfully. mgm genetics is now all inbred lines. i have sepnt years keeping these plants alive. sometime not even flowering them for years, or breeding them for that matter. these lines are tried, tested and true. and it is with great pleasure that i now offer to the world what i have had with me for so long, worked on so much, won so many trophies and competitions and used for myself medically, into your homes and production facilities. when grown under optimal conditions, they will taste how they smell, have no ceiling and will be impossible to build immunity to. from my garden to yours, from my hands to yours. how dope is that?

Strains: 1, conkushion, Conkushion(TM) maple ridge kush clone #2, unknown biker kush plant, 60-65 days, called mk ultra, master kush, og kush, bubba kush etc etc over the last 10 years. tastes exactly how it smells. Very pungent, skunky and kushy with a nice sweet bottom. No cieling, no immunity. 250-300 an ounce in maple ridge. Also known as maple ridge kush. One of my all time faves. The best brain injury medicine on the planet!

2, med-mans head-band, Head-Band(TM) og kush x sour diesel, very very vigorous, big stretch. low maintenance. 1st place thc comp. ty expo 2012. beating dna genetica and 120 other entries. Elongated kush colas with soft lemon fuel roma and taste/ 65-70 days. The best day time meds and extract plant. Up to 30 g extract per 100 bud.

3, P.T.S.D.(TM) Seeds purple thai x west coast sour diesel: 50-60 days. very very pungent. sweet phenos and sour phenos. one of my least worked and entered in my mgm genetics. the reason: using her in breeding programs. the extract is impeccable. and very resistant to bugs and molds. a real winner of a 35 year old canadian clone x my best selling west coast sour diesel. my best and calming p.t.s.d. medicine.

4, Pain Killer(TM) langley kush #1, c. afghanica, 55-65 days, very lemon x fuel, but not as sharp as an og kush. shorter, smaller plants. but very powerful effect in the body for pain. euphoric. a true hashplant. not much stretch, a bit slow to veg compoared to my other afghanicas. coated in thick, tall standing trichomes. this one took first at a medical patient depo cup on vancouver island from my f-1 stock in 2012. a very heavry and strong pain killer. makes up 50% of my purple pain killler.

5, Pink Pain Killer Seeds BC’s well known pink kush in seed form. Very stinky. Very potent. It’s won cups in Europe and Canada and is unique to the Canadian medical marijuana scene. 55-65 days

6, Purple Pain Killer(TM) og kush x purple afghani, definitive purple kush, the original from cali, 60-65 days, very fuely from the og, full rich and powerful afghani odor as well. Perfect blend. More body effect then just og. high cbd and thc. Big yield, hard nugs, coffee, fuel, grapes, skunk. Very strong pain killing body stone with some head to balance her out. World famous. It took a nt cannabis cup at the michigan medical cup 2012. Beating out dna genetics. and some karma cups in toronto to name a few. One of the best body pain treatments out there.

7, Rock-Star Kush(TM) maple ridge kush clone, c afghanica, 60-70 days. One of the most popular smokes anywhere. Eliminates every other kind on the market as people get “addicted” to this one. Only wanting this one after trying it. 12 year old biker cut. Not to be confused with the numerous and few and far between “rockstar” bud circulating. The name has a dual meaning. Rockstar can really just mean amazing kind. In my case, the maple ridge rock star kush is a real legendary rockstar. Cures to a golden orange. Took 3rd place in Toronto for most thc in canada beating out 118 other entrees. Expect to trash you moms with this or her hybrids. Decent to big yields. She loves my med-man tables or other hydro cultures. Amazing all around medical effects. currentyl has won more cups then you can count across all cups in canada over the years in shatter, bud, edibles etc

8, West Coast Sour Diesel(TM) sfu nerd clone, c afghanica, 9-10 weeks flowering, a real diesel, not the 007 or commercial beasters or sweet nyc types. Smells like gas, kerosene, diesel. Very potent. big yield, fast growth. Charcoal filters will not mask the odor. Nose will penetrate concrete walls.

9, Silver Skunk(TM)mafghanica/mexicanis/columbianis, maple ridge clone, also known as maple ridge blueberry and the viper, silver pearl x old skunk, 6-8 weeks, sensitive to nutes and soggy mediums. Smells and tastes like blueberry cheesecake. Unique to europe or any other breeder. Decent to high yields. Looks like an old time skunk plant. awesome connoisseur bags, taste and smell. Expect some real road kill in some phenos. Excellent for antidepressant, anxiety, appetite.
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