The Regulated Medical Marijuana Business by Richard Newmiller

The Regulated Medical Marijuana Business - From Concept to Product Sale by Richard Newmiller Course Description - Course runs 9:00 - 5:00 both days (Breakfast & Lunch Included) This two-day course consists of lectures and imbedded examples while encouraging direct interaction with the instructor. Participants will receive a hard copy of the instructor’s class notes upon arrival. The course is designed to educate the attendee by exposing them to the following topics. The growing demand for medical marijuana Federal versus State legislation The governing regulatory agencies with direct impact The major components of a business plan Manufacturing planning from capacity scheduling to waste management control Typical Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) required Quality functions such as release specifications, variances, deviations, retains, etc. Space programming factors such as adjacencies, flows, pressurization, etc. Site selection (community acceptance, utilities, labor rates, due diligence, etc.) Project team member selection Architectural design (floor plan, access, egress, finish schedules, etc.) Mechanical design (room criteria, air flows, cooling & heating loads, filtration, etc.) The major components of an HVAC system – energy saving enthalpy control Electrical design (main service, back-up, lighting controls, load summary, etc.) Comparison of grow lighting options Security design (intrusion detection, surveillance, controlled access, product vault, etc.) What constitutes preliminary, detailed, permitting & construction drawings Identification of the licensing process and the required documentation The value added functions of a construction manager who works for the owner Commissioning & validation – protocol development and execution plan Operations (vendor management, tracking, performance, contract lab, QA, etc.) Staffing (job descriptions, policies, work rules, training, testing, etc.) Approval inspection (compliance, master files, mock inspections, challenges, etc.) Guidance (contracting options, scope and budget development, etc.) Who Should Attend This educational course is specifically designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the medical marijuana industry for growers, owners, designers, engineers, investors, regulators and lenders. In addition, Quality, Validation, R&D, Clinical, Manufacturing, and Management personnel who are functioning as inspectors, auditors, investigators, operators, and end-users as well as those in project team or project management roles will benefit. This two-day course will provide you with the subject matter needed to enhance your understanding of the industry by reviewing topics such as product demand, legalization, business and manufacturing plans, regulatory compliance, space programming, site selection, project team selection, architectural design, engineering, licensing, construction management, commissioning and validation, operations, and compliance/approval inspection.

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9:00 AM on April 24, 2017

05:00 PM on April 25, 2017

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The Center for Professional Innovation and Education



Hilton Hotel (LAX)

Los Angeles, CA