The Ganja Goblet and Concentrate Cup

This event is designed to bring the Flower, Concentrate and Glass communities together for an amazing day celebrating this plant we all love so much in a classy and inspiring environment filled with art, glass, good food and music. In cooperation with Denver 420 Events and other leaders in the Denver Cannabis Community for an amazing 4/20 event for all of us to enjoy unlike any other. Glass blowers from around the world are welcome to enter a Goblet or a Cup or both. All glass blowers will receive an invite to private 4/18 event and a special gift bag including custom magazine for event and other gifts worth over $100 (probably well over) per entry. We ask that all cups/goblets have a value of at a minimum $100 and are received by 4/04 (or any time before) to be photographed and featured in the printed single run custom publication for this event and judged between 4/10 and 4/16. Limit 120 Cups and 120 Goblets. Glass can be functioning (rig/pipe) or a traditional Goblet (no handle wine glass style) or functioning or traditional Cup (more straight walled with a handle like a cup or mug) and must be at least 6in tall and have a value over $100. The Ganja Goblet will consist of a contest to be named the BEST FLOWER overall in Colorado. The top 3 overall flower entries will receive the top 3 blown glass goblets respectively. Each 1st place from the other categories (sativa, indica, hybrid, highest THC, highest CBD, and highest combined THC + CBD) will then get to choose one goblet from the remaining ones then the 2nd place winners will get to choose then the 3rd place winners from each category. Entry is open to private growers and licensed facilities but you can not enter more then 6 entries in the flower category per grower / company. To enter you need 20g of flower in a jar or other air tight container by 4/04 clearly labeled with strain name and s,i, or hy to be photographed and tested and $140 each sample for testing / entry fee and you will receive a custom printed publication featuring your flower entries and all the rest to see what you were up against and an invite to the private event on 4/18 and vip for 4/20 (one per entry) 100 entries maximum in flower category. The Ganja Goblets glass artist chosen as 1st place receives an 1/8 of every entry in the flower category. 2nd place gets 2 grams of every flower entry and 3rd place gets a gram of every flower entry. The Concentrate Cup will determine the best concentrates in Colorado overall. The top 3 overall concentrates will win the top 3 cups respectively then the 1st place winners from each concentrate category get to choose a cup (Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, Rosin/solvetless, highest THC, highest CBD, highest combined THC + CBD, Best Terps, Best Distillate) then 2nd place from each then 3rd place from each. The same rules apply as flower but 10g of each entry and $140 is required in the concentrate category for testing and entry fees and you receive a custom printed publication featuring your concentrate entry and all the competition and a pass to the private event on 4/18 and vip for 4/20 (one per entry). All entries must be received on 4/04 or earlier clearly labeled with strain name and s,i, or hy to be tested and photographed, maximum 120 total entries in concentrate category. Single extractor / company can enter up to 6 solvent and 6 non solvent concentrates maximum. Concentrate Cup glass artist chosen as 1st place receives a gram of every entry in the concentrate category and an extra gram of each of the top 10 highest scoring. 2nd place gets 1 grams of every concentrate entry and 3rd place gets a gram of the top 25 concentrate entries. JUDGING: 8 judges will be chosen for Concentrates, 8 chosen for Flower and 8 chosen for Glass. These will be industry leaders and very well qualified to judge the category they are in. If you would like to judge please nominate yourself or a friend (who you know would be here and available to judge from 4/10-4/16) on the event page in either Concentrate/Flower/Glass and tell us a little about why you (or they) should be a judge in that category. Then share and ask your friends to like the post on the event page and we will start placing judges as more and more likes add up on your posts. JUDGES MUST BE IN DENVER 4/10-4/16 (hopefully 4/20) to be able to participate and judge. At the very least be able to pick up your judges pack on the 10th in Denver and get your results to us by the 16th. The event on 4/18 will be entrants, artists, growers and judges only and winners will be announced privately at the event and awards given and chosen. The event on 4/20 will be the pubic release of winners and will include musical talent and art from all over the US and LIVE GLASS BLOWING open to the artists in attendance and featuring plenty of SPECIAL guests... Of course there will be Dab Busses and Food Trucks available at the event and we are working on securing a rooftop space also... This event is STRICTLY 21+ and will require rsvp or pre purchased ticket to attend. Depending on musical acts tickets will be between $5-$15 for the 4/20 event. and will be available by valentines day if not sooner. Very limited VIP passes will also be available.

Event Details

2:00 PM on April 20, 2019

Event Producer:
Denver 420 Events



Denver, CO

Denver, CO