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This class is POST and STC certified POST Certified Plan IV 8790-22255 STC Certified 648-84360 Description CNOA and NC HIDTA are jointly hosting this important marijuana update class. Learn the current legal issues facing investigators and what to expect in the very near future with the commercial for-profit sales and distribution of recreational and medical marijuana.? Additionally, with the passing of PROP 64 (THE MARIJUANA ADULT USE ACT) this class will discuss the new law, the changes to the Health and Safety Code and potential strategies for law enforcement in our investigations of marijuana-related crimes. This class will provide an update on issues pertaining to marijuana and PROP 215 and Senate Bill 420 and provide information on the latest trends in marijuana, discuss street contacts and enforcement with persons claiming PROP 215 / SB 420 privileges (to include: possession, transportation, cultivation and BHO-THC Extraction), as well as the new laws and statues surrounding the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act & Proposition 64. This course also covers Butane Honey Oil investigations to include: Learn what you need to know to testify as an expert it court Understand the process, step by step, of how to make butane hash oil, through traditional BHO labs to closed-loop labs. Learn what it takes to ignite a BHO Lab, including what equipment you have that will ignite a lab. Review a step by step process of how to respond to a BHO explosion. Have an understanding of THC and why it makes BHO so popular. This is a secure site; you are required to display your credentials on your outer clothing at all times. LAW ENFORCEMENT IDENTIFICATION WILL BE CHECKED AT THE DOOR Tuition Payment is due at check-in (cash, check, money order or credit card). Make checks payable to CNOA (Authorized payment only may be mailed to CNOA, P.O. Box 10818, Pleasanton, CA 94588). Instructor: Seth Cimino Seth Cimino is employed by the Citrus Heights Police Department where he is assigned as a Special Investigations Unit Detective. He transferred to the Citrus Heights Police Department in November 2013 after spending over 11 years with the Del Norte Sheriff's Office. During his career, Seth has spent over 7 1/2 years as a narcotics detective. His focus of investigation has been marijuana related crimes to include: possession, cultivation, transportation, sales and Butane Hash Oil manufacturing. He has been involved in the investigations of several hundred drug related crimes. Seth has also qualified as a State court as an expert in marijuana cultivation, possession, possession for sales, transportation, sales and medical marijuana case law, Proposition 215/Senate Bill 420 and their application. Seth is a POST certified instructor and frequently travels throughout the State and country and teaches courses about marijuana related crimes. Seth received his Bachelors of Science degree in Criminal Justice from CSU-Sacramento. Non-Member Price: $45.00Member Price: $35.00

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8:00 AM on April 17, 2017

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California Narcotic Officers' Association


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