Cannabis Hemp Conference & Expo 2017

We are very excited to have Dr. Ethan Russo and Graham Hancock keynoting at the 2017 Cannabis Hemp Conference and Expo. Did you know that the Canadian government has stated they will introduce proposed legislation on Cannabis legalization in spring 2017? We are entering very exciting times as Canada paves the way in Cannabis Public Policy, Research, Education, Business and Environmental Sustainability on the global scale. Thanks to your support and valuable contributions, the Cannabis Hemp Conference and Expo (CHCE) will be going into its third year in 2017. The conference will take place on May 6th and 7th, 2017 at UBC's newest and most exciting building, the NEST, which is LEED Platinum Certified (the highest Green Building rating in North America). Join us for an exciting and informative two days with an exceptional array of panelists, special presenters, exhibitors, live demos, samples and many giveaways! We are pleased to have DR. ETHAN RUSSO, MD, a board-certified neurologist, psychopharmacology researcher, and leading expert on Cannabis and the Endocannabinoid system, as well as GRAHAM HANCOCK, best selling British author who specializes in ancient civilizations and entheogenic influences on human consciousness joining us as Keynote Speakers. Also speaking will be Anndrea Hermann, owner of Hemp Technologies Canada, as well as the board member of the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance, Joy Beckerman, the Principal from Hemp Ace International and AC Braddock from Eden Labs, a respected leader in the Extraction Technology field. We are also incredibly honored to have internationally-acclaimed author Martin A. Lee (Smoke Signals) who will be presenting on the CBD panel, as well as Dr. Zach Walsh, Assistant Professor in the UBC Department of Psychology and Co-Director for the Center for the Advancement of Psychological Science and Law who will be speaking on the Medicinal Use of Cannabis Panel. In 2016, the CHCE brought together over 55 international and national experts and 60 exhibitors. Panel Discussions Included: Medicinal Use of Cannabis (Cannabis for Cancer, Epilepsy, Arthritis, Alzheimer’s, MS, Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Pain) CBD Discussion Dispensary & LP Discussion Cannabis Genetics Sacred/Ceremonial/Historical Use Cannabis Cultivation and Growing Hemp Solutions (Fuel, Industrial use, Nutrition, and Textiles) Cannabis and Lifestyle Cannabis-Environmental Protection and Sustainability Never before has there been such a wealth of information and research on the practical, therapeutic and medicinal uses of Cannabis, as well as a growing understanding and acceptance of Cannabis on the part of the general public. Join us to meet with leading experts and industry leaders! Educate and empower yourself!

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8:30 AM on May 6, 2017

06:00 PM on May 7, 2017

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Cannabis Hemp Conference & Expo


The Nest at UBC
6133 University Blvd
Vancouver, BC