The Hemp and Cannabis Fair (Merced, CA)

This will be the first time in our history that we are selling products at a fair. We don't do fairs . . . we sell online and ship through the post office. But we are doing this fair because it is the first of its kind here in Merced. They have been happening in other states for quite some time, but until prop 64 passed, the fair-folks weren't that interested in California. Now they are, and they are pioneers and we should all come out to support them. We will be selling our products, so valley residents can stock up on their CBD and avoid paying shipping. People with stores who want to join our wholesale program can fill in their applications at our booth. We will have a place for people to sign up to Tell Your Cannabis Story, as we have a production team from London (UK) coming into town on the 30th, and we would like to set up interviews with folks for the week following that. Grow stories, getting busted stories, off the grid stories, transition stories (from off-the-grid businesses to on-the-grid businesses) and also, if you have a negative opinion of the Sisters and the work we do, or know someone who does, our film folks want to talk with them, as well. The film crew from England is attempting to capture the essence of the central valley, the light and the dark, in a time of great change. People who are at risk of being deported, people who are still living with the effects of a hurricane of legal force against their grow operations, people who use the plent medicine to alleviate serious conditions, volunteer squads of cops foraging for plants to rip out, this and more. Opiod addiction stories. It is our reality, and it is this reality that the film crew wishes to capture. If your identity needs to be protected, these are professionals and they know how to do that. They are keenly interested in the stories from the people of this agricultural fruit-bowl of the central valley. Sister Kassidy, Sister Evee, Miss Lori and three of the Brothers will be manning the booth and available to talk. Sister Kate and the film crew will be arriving from Los Angeles in the mid-afternoon on Sunday. Please come join us at this special history-making fair.

Event Details

10:00 AM on April 29, 2017

06:00 PM on April 30, 2017

Event Producer:
Sisters of the Valley


The Merced County Fair
900 Martin Luther King Jr. Way
Merced, CA