Workshop: THC and CBD Testing at Home

Do you want to learn how to test cannabis flowers and extracts for THC and CBD at home or at your business? Join Dr. Anthony Smith for an evening workshop exploring thin layer chromatography and its applications for cannabis testing! All attendees will receive a complete thin layer chromatography kit with all the supplies needed to test 20-25 samples. We will supply many consumables to save some of the contents of your kit to ensure you have plenty of materials after the workshop to perform your own experiments! Class sizes are limited by design to ensure that all attendees receive plenty of one-on-one attention and instruction. Reserve your spot soon! Must be age 21+ to attend. Cost to attend is $300 and includes the price of the kit. Additional kit upgrades are available including digital balances for $40 and variable pipettors for $100 and may be purchased at the time of registration or at the workshop. Here is what others have said about the workshop: "I had the luxury of attending a workshop...I am very happy as it was well worth it and taught by a professional and scientist." "Great workshop!" TLC kits are provided by a local southern oregon lab supply company that has been providing thin layer chromatography kits for cannabinoid applications to laboratories across the world.

Event Details

6:00 AM on June 26, 2017

Event Producer:
Kenevir Research


Kenevir Research
540 E Vilas Rd, Suite F
Central Point, OR