3rd Annual Marijuana March

March with us! 72 Texas state legislators have signed on as co-authors to #HB2107 A bill that would expand our current medical Marijuana program which virtually helps no-one as it stands. This Bill has tremendous potential to serve Texas patients, veterans, parents & residents. So come out and Show your support! Stand up for those who can't! March with us! Rally at 3pm March starts @4:20pm. We are towards the end of our 85th legislative session & and our state reps are discussing cannabis law reform. We need to Take the streets and show support but most importantly that Texas is READY! Bring all of your friends! We will meet @ 3 March @ 4:20

Event Details

3:00 PM on May 6, 2017

Event Producer:
San Antonio Norml


Sabinas Coffee House
2303 West Commerce Street
San Antonio, TX