1st Annual CityWide CannaRide

FIRST ANNUAL CityWide CannaRide (CWCR) meets annually to celebrate the Local regard for marijuana as well as the legalization movement. It is an educational celebration of the abundance of Earth. This is an event where participants ride in masses for the multiple purposes such as bringing attention to people powered transport, promoting a positive body image, educating the people about cannabis. Started in Chicago as a refute to the decisions made to bound CANNABIS not MARIJAUNA as a MAJOR crop. So if your feeling stressed from your daily tasks, well we will ease your nerves with music, entertainment, and a community potluck. The day of Thursday, April 20th will be filled with speakers and workshops on the practical uses of permaculture. Local experts will share their knowledge on obtaining medical and compassion cards, legalization and decriminalization, along with natural harvest production As we get ready for our journey, slowly launching before sunset groups of SUPPORTERS coming from different walks of life meeting greeting socializing and smoking the finest of what MOTHER NATURE has given us. There will also be games for you and your friends to enjoy such as: The Best blunt or Joint. Fastest Blunt or Joint Kushed Out Kareoke Bong Pong Bowl Wood Derby 2 by 2 Participants are encouraged to purchase to get VITAL event infromation such as GATHERING LOCATION, AFTER PARTY LOCATION, and RIDERS BADGE to solidfy yourself as a SUPPORTER for the CannaRide. This event is a major attraction for people from all over the world. Are you going to be there? $10 for your OFFICIAL CannaRide Badge $5 Donation to be involved with games! Your OFFICIAL BADGE gets you FREE ENTRY to Concert event, Workshops, and After Party!! TICKET LINK COMING SOON!!! RULES Celebrating freedom for CANNABIS! Less gas more ass! YOU'RE RESPONSIBLE! Be prepared, stay alert, take care, help others. PARTICIPANTS must show CERTIFIED EVENT BADGE. Arrive CLOTHED&SHOED and carry weather options. NO GLASS! RECYCLE cans. Bring refillables. LISTEN to Safety Friends or risk ejection. LEAVE NO TRACE!!! PICK IT UP and PACK IT OUT!!!

Event Details

6:00 PM on April 20, 2018

Event Producer:
HerbLife Collective


Chicago, IL

Chicago, IL