Charlotte NORML 420 Event

Please join Christian and our Cano Crew as we continue supporting our rich cultural diversity in our neighborhoods. We are proud to never sit on the sidelines for our #NC09 family, friends, and neighbors. Please consider a one time or a sustaining monthly donation of $20.18 towards our campaign efforts in fighting for our working-class and struggling Americans. Together we can work towards #BringingNeighborsTogether for our North Carolina 9th Congressional District and our North Carolina region. #Vote2018 donations can be made @ or via ActBlue @ ***** Please join our #CanoCrew as we continue our adult conversation about Cannabis and the impact of its federal schedule 1 drug designation. Christian supports the legalization of #Cannabis in North Carolina and federal legislation that would allow local and state governments to regulate cannabis just as alcohol and tobacco. "I fully support the decriminalization of marijuana in the United States which impacts people of color and promotes profits for the privatized prison system. Our federal government should not be in the business of dictating to our states what is best for their citizens and what our farmers can grow"-CC ***** Event information from event page: TBA #FlipThe9th #Staywoke #WhereDoTheyStand #CalledToServeOthers #YesOn420

Event Details

5:00 PM on April 20, 2018

Event Producer:
Cano For Congress NC09



Three Spirits Brewery
5046 Old Pineville Rd, Ste 110
Charlotte, NC