Stoned to Death 420: The Flying Eyes Farewell Show at Metro Gallery.

In observance of 420, we shall gather in the great halls of the Metro Gallery to get STONED TO DEATH by a 5 band army of leveling, loud rock, and metal. Heads will bang, horns shall be raised and sonic onslaughts of buzzing, crushing, stoner metal and rock will vibrate your skull making you hallucinate wicked scenes of wizards weaving magic into the aether, raising the dead, summoning massive beasts and filling the room with SMOOOOOKE. Bare witness to the bands that fuel this wizard's malevolent intent! TICKETS: The Flying Eyes - These Psychedelic heavy rockers will be hanging up their axes in the months to come and this show will be their last performance in Baltimore city so let's send em off right! Haze Mage - Returning after a short hiatus Haze Mage comes armed and battle ready with an arsenal of new material Featuring their heavy grooves, blazing guitar work, and pounding rhythms about all things sorcery and sword. Heavy Temple - The likes of High Priestess Nighthawk, Arch Bishop Barghest, and SirenTempestas will be traveling all the way from Philadelphia to shake your bones with robust buzzing grooves. LAZLO LEE & THE MOTHERLESS CHILDREN - Masters of their craft, the Blues/garage/rock of these seasoned rock warriors will get your toe tapping and neck breaking. Tombtoker - New stoner/doom offering from members of Enemy insects and Roomrunner. These mummified monsters of doom will also be unleashing their first 2 song EP at this gathering titled "Coffin Texts Vol. 1"

Event Details

7:00 PM on April 20, 2018

12:00 AM on April 21, 2018

Event Producer:
John de Campos


Metro Gallery
1700 N Charles St
Baltimore, MD