420: A Ganjapalooza

House of Yes presents 4:20 - A Ganjapalooza FRIDAY TICKETS: bit.ly/2H6NslI SATURDAY TICKETS: bit.ly/2uIazAz Produced by Anya Sapozhnikova & Kae Burke Doors at 6:30pm | Show at 7:30pm ******************************************* FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS IS THIS A SHOW? It’s a Ganjapalooza, an exploration into the experience of cannabis presented as a disjointed spectacular of entertainment. IS THIS A SEATED THING? Yes. Purchasing a ticket gets you your very own chair to sit in for the duration of 420: A Ganjapalooza CAN I SMOKE WEED DURING THIS? No, recreational marijuana is still illegal. CAN I EAT EDIBLES AT THE SHOW? We do not condone the use of prohibited substances at House of Yes but you can honestly do whatever you want before you come here because that’s on you. ARE THE PERFORMERS HIGH? Do you mean right now or do you mean during the Ganjapalooza? WEED MAKES ME PARANOID. I DONT LIKE IT. WILL I LIKE THIS? You will love it. IS THIS SHOW “IMMERSIVE” Yes. Also, it’s not a show, it’s a Ganjapalooza. IS THIS SHOW PARTICIPATORY? Totally. WILL I GET A CONTACT HIGH? Probably. WILL YOU BE SELLING SPECIAL BROWNIES? What do you mean by special? But Yes. CAN I BRING MY PARENTS? As long as they’re cool, everyone’s allowed to come. WHO IS IN THE SHOW? Our friends WERE YOU STONED WHEN YOU WROTE THIS SHOW? Some of yes were, yes. 21+

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6:30 PM on April 20, 2018

10:00 PM on April 21, 2018

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House of YES
2 Wyckoff Ave
Brooklyn, NY