Commonwealth Cannabis And Human Rights Movement

I'M CALL OUT TO ALL MY KENTUCKY CITIZENS NEAR AND FAR!! It's time for Change in Kentucky for us Citizens! We are the one's that have built this state! We are the one's that are supposed to calling the shots! We are the one's that need to take care of each another in our time of need and struggle! We as tax payers need to stop funding these corrupt politisions and making the right choices for our people!! We have the power to turn this state around for the good!! I'm tired of seeing our civil & human rights stripped away every day that passes by, as we go more broke while these corrupted leaders sit in our House and Senate getting rich!!! They don't care about us nor our children. We as Citizens, teachers, state workers, & veterans well-being are put last!! Our safety, health and financial situations should be first!! This is the Commonwealth of Kentucky!!! A state that is ran and built by it's people. Not a place where corrupt politicians get to make a career out of hurting their citizens to better themselves!!! "LET'S TAKE OUR STATE BACK!!!" We need to come together as one and demand what we rightfully deserve!!! We put these people in, we can sure as hell get them to do what we want or get them out!!! "I NEED ALL MY KENTUCKY PEOPLE TO ATTEND THIS MOVEMENT!! WE CANNOT LET THIS CORRUPT NATURE CRIPPLE OUR STATE ANY LONGER!!! I'M TIRED, AND I KNOW IM NOT THE ONLY ONE!! We are all meeting in Frankfort Ky at the Capitol at (4:20 ON 4/20!!!) LET OUR VOICES BE ONE!!! This will be a complete civil movement!!

Event Details

4:20 PM on April 20, 2018

Event Producer:
Canntucky Home Grown


Kentucky State Capitol
700 Capital Avenue
Frankfort, KY