Women's Cannabis Wellness Event

If you are a woman in Florida, you probably have questions about cannabis. Yes, it's legal in Florida for medical use, and CBD is now legal and available for everyone. But what does this really mean for you, and for your family? How can you benefit? How do you know what kind is right for you? Where do you get it? What do you need to know to make informed decisions about cannabis? PLEASE JOIN US ON JANUARY 27th, FOR AN INSPIRING EXPERIENCE WHERE ALL YOUR QUESTIONS CAN BE ANSWERED BY WELLNESS, MEDICAL AND LEGAL EXPERTS! Co-Created by Get Your Juicy Back, Sensi Magazine, Extract Collective and Creative Glue, this exciting half-day event will provide a delightful environment for much-needed education about cannabis for women’s wellness; help shift the narrative about this amazingly beneficial but long-demonized plant; and inspire Florida women to benefit from legal cannabis as part of an overall wellness lifestyle. Our experts will be sharing about the many benefits of Cannabis, including how to: Reduce pain, inflammation & stress Alleviate PMS, hot flashes & other hormonal/menopausal symptoms  Improve sleep  Prevent and manage many disease conditions Manage anxiety and depression Enhance sexuality WONDERING IF THIS IS THE RIGHT EVENT FOR YOU? IT IS, if you want to know: The difference between psychoactive (THC) and non-psychoactive (CBD) forms of cannabis Who is eligible for medical cannabis in Florida and how to get it How cannabis specifically supports women’s wellness conditions Whether your health challenges can be helped by a form of cannabis What you will enjoy at the first-ever Women's Cannabis Wellness Event: A roster of highly qualified presenters Expert panel discussion Q&A session to answer your personal questions Refreshments Gift goodie bags and samples Prizes and special offers Select women’s wellness product vendors Opportunity to meet other inspiring, health-focused women We look forward to seeing you on January 27th in Miami! And please consider inviting friends to come along, we've made it easy to purchase Early Bird 3 tickets here for only $97!

Event Details

5:00 PM on January 27, 2019


Miami, FL