It’s legal, now what? A beginner’s guide to cannabis

Are you new to cannabis, wondering what it is all about? Have you heard enough about CBD and THC to pique your interest and want to hear more from experts in the field? Then this class is for you! During the session you will come to understand the cannabis flower and how cannabis products are made. We will cover the therapeutic benefits of cannabis, the different products and consumption methods, cannabis safety and efficacy and much more. Our education session will be 60 minutes follwed with a Q & A session. This class will provide: An overview of the endocannabinoid system; all about synergy and entourage effects of cannabis. Introduction to the common compounds THC, CBD, CBN & more Strategies for choosing products: topicals, vaporizing, edibles, flower, concentrates Understanding dosing & potency Review of the most common conditions that respond well to cannabis Overview of laws & regulations for consumers Go to our website for more information and to view our menu.

Event Details

10:00 PM on January 30, 2019


Elevation 2477' Community Room
569 Searls Ave
Nevada City, CA