Live the Sweet Life! LiveKaya Hemp CBD Chocolate

LiveKAYA's FIRST California meet and greet with Dorinda Vance! Meet the CEO and founder of LiveKAYA, learn about what's happening now, and what's going to happen as the LiveKAYA team prepares to launch. Join us for light refreshments and of course... Chocolate! WHAT IS LIVEKAYA? The Cannabis business is booming. According to Forbes, the CBD market is expected to grow to $2.1 Billion by the year 2020. That is a 700% increase in two years, with hemp derived CBD accounting for $450 Million. You do not have to be a cannabis or business enthusiast to understand these large figures. However, if you read a little further you may find yourself intrigued by the individual opportunity that LiveKAYA can offer. Learn more about LiveKAYA and join us with one of the fastest growing markets of this decade. PERSONAL WEALTH OPPORTUNITY Our Revenue Share Platform is exactly what you've been waiting for. No, this is not another MLM or pyramid scheme. Gone are the impossible-to-reach qualifications and uncomfortable compromises that have created distance between you and success. LiveKAYA’s Revenue Share Platform (RSP) is shattering the myths, stereotypes, and stigmas associated with independent marketing concepts. Created in the same disruptive mode as market-changing giants Amazon, Uber, Netflix, and Google, LiveKAYA has leveled the home-based business playing field. By removing income-limiting structure, the LiveKAYA business model positions people to succeed without compromise.  WHAT IS CBD? Cannabidiol is one of the 85 naturally occurring cannabinoids found in hemp and marijuana, but for the sake of international legality, the following is regarding hemp cannabinoid. This minimal quantity of THC hemp is distinguished from marijuana and therefore deemed legal across all 50 states for supplemental consumption. The Hemp Farming Act of 2018, passed on June 27th, declassified hemp as a Schedule 1 drug and legal for consumption. CBD is entirely NON-psychoactive and has been shown to have numerous medical applications in patients, users with non-chronic illnesses, and animals. BENEFITS OF HEMP CBD: Live KAYA offers FDA certified hemp CBD oil chocolates that meet all industry standards for cultivation and extraction. Our hemp oil CBD is blended with award-winning dark chocolate, which itself has been recognized to have countless health benefits. This full-bodied oil extract containing numerous cannabinoids (including 0.03% THC), terpenes, and flavonoids provides the most potent therapy. CBD is not recognized by the FDA for medicinal applications. However, abundant research, firsthand experiences, and trials have identified hemp derived CBD oil as having the following possible health benefits: • Pain treatment • Anxiety and depression relief • Seizure reduction • Inflammation reduction • Antioxidant and neuroprotective properties • Treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) • Potential cancer-fighting agent • Alzheimer’s treatment • Curbing negative habits and cravings • Increased regenerative sleep FYI: PHARMACEUTICAL GRADE HEMP OIL Organically Grown In The US. Solvent Free Co2 Extraction FULL SPECTRUM HEMP OIL Non-Psychotropic THIRD PARTY TESTED Contains No Harsh Chemicals, Pesticides, Or Metals DARK FRENCH CHOCOLATE No Waxes, Fillers, Or Preservatives Non GMO, Dairy And Gluten Free THE POWER OF ANTIOXIDANTS Reduces Inflammation, And Risk Of Heart Disease COLD PACKED SHIPPING Straight To Your Door Guaranteed Freshness If you read this far and your mouth is watering, RSVP NOW! Looking forward to sharing the SWEET LIFE with you! Lani

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1:30 AM on February 27, 2019


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