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(If you are one of the 197 people who have already registered, you don't have to register again.) The number one question I get from Raleigh / Durham is WHY isn't there more innovation happening in Wilmington with the Coastal Corridor? If you remember the September 5, 2013 grand opening of the UNCW CIE, the Innovation Index said Wilmington was the 8th largest city in NC but 24th in innovation. We have a new event sponsor - TriNet and Marlana Hodges Bunn Wilmington could certainly do a better job of matching startup entrepreneurs with the resources available, with capital and with mentors who could become management or board members. Wilmington says it wants better jobs , better salaries to increase the quality of life / quality of place beyond service jobs. But what are the leaders ACTUALLY doing to make these industries grow. So we are going to tackle that question. And I have a LOT to say on this topic, because I have lived it for the last FIVE years and for the last 19 years within North Carolina. But the guest entrepreneurs will do the talking at the event. There is deal flow in Wilmington despite the naysayers. A recent investor who spoke at our event said they missed the earlier deal flow, but Wilmington now has his attention. WALE has now made 12 investments since November of 2015. Made two already this year with Brilliant Sole and another to be announced soon. Our speakers for February 28th come from these four fast growth industries : Biometrics, Women's Health, Virtual Reality and Hemp. (Pun not intended, I KNOW hemp is not what you smoke for THC...) We have four AWARD WINNING startups in Wilmington who will be speaking about their experience in Wilmington. I am personally frustrated by reading these quarterly reports of grants to startups throughout the state and Wilmington startups not being included. It has been several quarters since a Wilmington startup has won a grant from this organization. There is PLENTY to work with if they believed in Wilmington. So I, with your help, plan to change that with ACTION. You have seen these improved amount of assistance and changes with organizations like CED, NC Tech Association and NC IDEA since 2013. Here are the four speakers : - Karl Ricanek - Professor at UNC Wilmington and Founder of Lapetus Solutions, recognized by NC Tech Association as one of the Top Ten Startups to Watch. AFLAC insurance duck is a client. - Sara Rose Harcus - UNC Wilmington Chemistry Graduate and Founder of Dmanna , a solution for people with uterine tract infection (women AND men suffer) . Winner of Women to Watch in 2018. She is also cofounder of Huify with her husband Josh. - Jeff Guard - Founder of Brilliant Sole , winner of the Tech (Startup) Madness from Exit Event, Top Ten Startups to Watch by NC Tech Association and winner of Cuclaorus Connect Rocket Pitch. Also an original tenant of UNCW CIE. - Kyle Trivisonno - Founder of EcoTek Industries , Winner of 2017 NC IDEA grant. Kyle and his company are using HEMP to develop new prosthetic legs. HEMP was recently legalized by the US Farm Bill and already has 300 growers in North Carolina. We also have a new ANNUAL sponsor - Thanks to Derek Schmidt and DesignLoud ( )  A BIG Thank you to our sponsors like Adam Shay CPA ( ), Justin Wolfe of Strategic Investments ( ) , Live Oak Bank, the Cohen family, the Fisher Family Foundation and of course Ironclad Brewery, Please connect with NEW on Facebook ( ) and Twitter @redspireusnc and connect with Bunker Labs @bunkerlabsrdu

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9:00 PM on February 28, 2019


Ironclad Brewery
115 North 2nd Street
Wilmington, NC