Big Mouth Society Mainstage Series Presents: King of Monster Island

Performance artists and musicians Tina Chancey and Emily Lau join forces to celebrate a life lived in music: forged in pain and tragedy, rich in creativity and joy, hard to talk about but fun to sing about, and especially fun to watch. How did a red diaper baby from Cleveland, daughter of convicted Communists, end up playing pardessus de viole at Carnegie Hall? One September she almost died from a very public aortic dissection in the middle of a concert in Victoria, BC and ended that season with a smashing new CD and a gala concert at the Boston Early Music Festival. Lau and Chancey rejoice in the highs and cherish the lows through song, story, improv and movement. You may hear viol solos, 14thc. lais by Guillaume de Machaut, Irish hornpipes, Bosnian Sephardic tangos, as well as juvenilia, parody, satire and a shameless reworking of tunes by Michael Jackson, the Beatles, Tom Lehrer and Flory Jagoda. KING OF MONSTER ISLAND: A WILD MEMOIR is fully staged and devised with joy, with ideas in our own dreams and techniques of many artistic giants. Glad to have found one another, we have decided to go deep and go rogue. Join us in this wicked, inventive, and totally moving tour-de-force. This event is co-sponsored by Cascadia Viols.

Event Details

2:30 AM on April 6, 2019


The Hallowed Halls
4420 SE 64th Avenue
Portland, OR