Sweet Tatas CBD Sound Bath Meditation with Yin Yoga

SWEET TATAS CBD SOUND BATH MEDITATION WITH YIN YOGA Featuring Rachel Brodeur & Rita Turner $45 Early Bird, $50 Day Of Join SweetTatas this month for - a transformative experience that will leave you feeling elevated and relaxed through a trifecta of mindful movement, music, and meditation. SweetTata’s Workshops are an immersive experience of sacred cannabis healing sounds and a strengthening, relaxing, and restorative hatha-style yoga class enhanced by the medicinal effects of plant medicine.  This session, the workshop will be co-led by Tatiana and Rachel, guiding you through asana, breath work and mediations all the while educating students about cannabis and its effects. They will be joined by Portuguese sound healer and artist Rita as she holds space throughout the journey. Her selection of instruments, recipients enjoy traveling between ancient and sacred sounds, that will take you into the deep corners of your mind, memory and imagination by shifting and entraining your brain waves from our regular state beta waves, to alpha and even delta brainwave states, frequencies that are scientifically known to improve restful sleep, digestive and cardiovascular health, and reduce stress. Tatiana, Rachel, and Rita will guide you through an ultra-relaxing journey of sound healing, yoga, and safe cannabis consumption. Take yourself on a healing journey that will elevate you transform from cell to spirit.   While in a comfortable and safe space, explore the benefits of combining different healing modalities – sound, energy, meditation, yoga, and cannabis - and learn to incorporate them into your life. Enjoy the benefits for yourself this in this month’s CBD Sound Bath while you explore your curiosities, raise your vibrations and free your Self of mental and physical constraints. You’ll leave the workshop feeling mentally and physically rested, still and comforted while resonating at a much higher vibration.  The Flow: Opening Circle and Blessing of the Plant Hemp (and Cannabis Optional) CBD Journey: Intention Setting and Breathwork  Introduction for students new to cannabis and exploration for advanced students  Respecting the plant, releasing expectations, intention setting Yoga: Mindful Movements and Yummy Adjustments  Safe for beginner and advanced students  Adjustments and relaxing massage techniques for ultimate zen and relaxation  Music and Meditation: Sound Bath   Lead by Rita Includes guided breathwork and adjustments  Integration and Closing Circle  Sharing, Mantras Final Blessing and Treat  Ticket includes: CBD circle with intention setting and sharing, CBD, hemp, and cannabis exploration, sound healing journey, guided light yoga and meditation, optional adjustments and mini massages, aromatherapy, and a treat to close the journey.  Join SweetTata’s for monthly Cannabis-focused Meet-ups, Ganja Yoga classes, and other workshops. Check the calendar for dates and times. SweetTata’s CBD focused and cannabis-friendly shop are now Carefully Curated Exclusively at Liberate Hollywood. Please e-mail [email protected] for any questions.  ABOUT SWEET TATAS Tatiana [SweetTatas) is a true bubble of energy and uses her likeness as a marketing executive, brand spokesperson, comedic actress, model and a heart-centered healer. She's proud to be a Certified Yoga Teacher (RYT200), has completed the Ganja Yoga Teacher Training in Los Angeles (50hrs) and is Reiki attuned. In her recovery from a life changing accident, Tatiana has overcome severe injuries, pain and high anxiety and has learned to use CBD (and THC), combined with yoga, meditation, and other lifestyle choices, to heal and transform her life.  Through exploring plant medicine and a holistic lifestyle, experimenting with new cannabis brands and learning about the latest in the hemp and cannabis worlds, Tatiana has become a staple in the cannabis community. Her magic lies in connecting with people. Her ability to guide people through and to a positive mind-effecting experience is widely known. Intuitive, empathetic, and extremely caring, Tatiana has committed her Self to healing and helping others find balance and comfort in their life through the use of CBD, cannabis goods, and yoga, stretching, and breathing practices. She hosts group and private cannabis-enhanced yoga sessions and gives 1-on-1 or group educational circles, private, and group “seshes.” Tatiana is a proud yoga, health, cannabis and hemp advocate, dedicated to helping people make informed and better decisions when it comes to self-care, pain management, natural medicine and homeopathic remedies. For more information, please reach out. @sweettatas www.sweettatas.com ABOUT RITA TURNER Rita’s passion for music and spirituality took root at a young age. At the age of 10 she picked up the Bassoon and has been fascinated ever since. Alongside music, in her late teens, came the practice of Hatha Yoga and a growing sense of spirituality, she has always been an empath and a seeker of divine connections. By the time Rita received her first Tibetan singing bowl at age 27, she had mastered the Bassoon, left her small hometown in Portugal to study at the University of Classical Music in Lisbon, trained under one of her favorite bassoonists in Sweden and stablished a career as a musician and music teacher. Fascinated by the healing frequencies of the singing bowl, she began using it in her teaching, personal spiritual practices, in fact every moment she can. After moving to California in 2015, she took a huge leap toward integrating spirituality into her music career, studying Sound Healing and Therapy at The Globe Institute in San Francisco. Most recently she also completed her level 1&2 certification on Shamanic Reiki, a modality she now infuses into her Sound Healing work. As a sound healer, Rita considers herself a mediator and a facilitator. Her priority is to help people to find their own spiritual self. She uses the power of healing frequencies and sound to stimulate relaxation, spiritual consciousness and awareness of physical and subtle bodies. She strongly believes that when healing traumas from the past, we are healing our present moment, too. Music, frequencies, and vibrations have an important contribution here, they resonate with and within us, they have the ability to unite both present and past memories creating new ones. Rita’s vision is simple: To serve as a tool and help others to connect with their own spiritual self and their own healer within. @ritasoundyoga ABOUT RACHEL BRODEUR Rachel Brodeur is a certified yoga teacher who has experience supporting her clients manage stressors, both physically and mentally, through incorporating breath techniques in simulation with mindful body movement. By practicing these techniques provided in a yoga class, clients can enjoy many health benefits, including but not limited to increased levels of endorphins, improvements in circulation, decreased levels of blood pressure, and a balanced endocrine system. Rachel chose yoga as her avenue for producing optimal health & wellness because of the vast positive changes it made in her own health. Since her own self-discovery, she has studied with senior teachers in Boston & Los Angeles, & currently teaches classes in Los Angeles County. She is a holistic trailblazer in the yoga world, focusing on the individual’s needs with care and understanding that each client can benefit differently from her guidance. @thecannababy

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2:00 AM on March 17, 2019


Liberate Hollywood
6365 Selma Avenue
Los Angeles, CA