Clear Intentions for Life and Living with Cannabis, a group workshop

In this group workshop we will "step into our magnificence”, via breathing, meditation, visualization and formalizing clear intentions for life and living. This focus will include what and how the roles of CBD and THC has to do with this pursuit. The focus on getting “high” can sometimes be numbing and slowing down the consciousness growth process. There is a balance in using cannabis to elevate without getting bogged-down. The right balance of THC and CBD may bring great relief from anxiety and/or depression; and it can facilitate breath, exercise (stretching), intention formation and building trust! Come to join the discussion and learn more! Facilitated by Scott L Sherman"We can't not become enlightened. It is our Human Evolutionary Mandate. So, we might as well resign ourselves to that mandate and Embrace our Divinity!" Scott Lloyd [email protected] Biography: Born in 1939, I’ve been skirting the edge of Modernity every sense. Grew up on a cattle ranch in Corona California. BA at University of California in 1963 Social Science Divisional MA at San Francisco State College in 1968 Social and Psychological Research Lived in Haight Ashbury from 1964 to 1968 a time of consciousness expansion Married and moved to Mendocino County, 1968 to 1995 Research Sociologist to 1971 Social Worker in Residential Treatment Center for 20 adolescents and supervisor of 20 staff: Worked with troubled youth and families from 1972 to 1981 Developed 3/4 acre home (old farm house) and garden Promoter of the “Back to the Land Movement” via Simple Living Workshops My wife Kathie and I had a son, Gabriel (who now has two boys, Finn and Owen, with his wife Jackie). Marriage and Family and Child Therapist in Private Practice since 1981. Kathie and I dissolved our marriage. Married Joanne three years later Moved to Eureka Developed Shamanic Vision Psychotherapy ( merging shamanism and psychotherapy Also remodeled home and developed .7 acres into organic gardens with greenhouse. Left that work world, divorced and travelled for 18 months in Baja California, on sabbatical. Let go of LMFT (went rogue: no longer cared to deal with labeling, insurance and the bureaucratic aspect of The System. A real problem with who one can ethically connect with. As a believer and practitioner of “Village” to not be able to incorporate clients into village, or to work with village members as a therapist, counselor or guide was much to restrictive.) Now live in a 300 so.ft. tiny-house-on-wheels (LibertyCabins., Jefferson Model) for the past 3 years. And, now serving as one of the night hosts at Inn Town Campground, in Nevada City. Writing: Cultivating Soul, Bringing the Seeds of Our Ancestors into our Journeys, Stepping intoour Magnificence. The Five key principles for developing higher consciousness. And, somewheredown the line a fictional auto-biography!

Event Details

9:00 PM on April 13, 2019


Elevation 2477' Community Room
569 Searls Ave
Nevada City, CA